3 Excellent Content Delivery Network Tips to increase Webmaster Uptime

Being a webmaster is one of the most difficult job to do. Webmaster has to concentrate on both Designing as well as on the main content part. There are lot of things to manage to continuously manage the effective functioning of a website. Apart from the designing of overall structure and uploading of webpages into the ftp client, a webmaster also has to make sure about the webpage loading speed.

If the speed is going to be more then visitors might not like it and as a result the site can get suspended from the hosting provider as well as it can also loose its valuable visitors and readers.

There is no pain other than knowing your website has crashed down first thing in the morning before you have your first cup of coffee. I am sure, you wouldn’t want this thing to happen for sure. So i recommend you to look at the following tips.

3 Excellent Content Delivery Network Tips to increase Webmaster Uptime

Use Content Delivery Network

You can use content delivery network for storing and delivering much of your static content to the users, which functions by decreasing your server load and increasing server access and reliability. This method will make sure that you website is running and up for 24 by 7 days all through the year. As more bandwidth is required for some of the content like images, PDF files and other downloadable content and moving all this data to content delivery system will increase uptime of your website.


Working of Content Delivery Network

Content delivery network is designed to act in a specific manner where all your static data is maintained and stored at different physical locations at the same time. This will enable your content to be viewed at all the time and with increased uptime. If sue to any reasons any of the server is crashed other server will make sure that you are not affected by this crash. It is sure that not all the servers will crash at the same time.


Advantages of Content Delivery Network

If you are already using content delivery system then it will not only boost your website uptime nut it will also make sure that your website gets more reliability and access speeds. Depending on the geographical location of the visitor nearest server is randomly picked to make content of your website available to him within no time. This is different from using traditional one point access system where single sever delivers all the content on your website from a single server.

Overall using this system for your website and even for your blogs is a good idea, which will increase your uptime and even improves the reliability and traffic to your website. Do post your comments about Content Delivery Network and what are your views on it.

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