5 Best Social Media Extensions for Google Chrome

As far as speed, security and terms of user sentiment are concerned, it cannot  be doubted that Firefox is gradually losing its charm and people have become  more inclined towards using Google Chrome as their browser of choice. The  Chrome extensions library might be one of the reasons behind the popularity of this web browser. While webmasters continue to favor Firefox, among   mainstream users, Google Chrome has become the more acceptable browser.

The fact that the Chrome browser is powered by Google sandbox, making it  more secure and that it allows users to avoid using Internet Explorer, are some  of the other reasons they are preferring to use Chrome.

Combined with the ever so successful Google Buzz, closer attention is being paid to Chrome by developers and extensions in competition with rival Firefox are  being rapidly issued. Additionally, rapid access to Buzz, Google Docs, Gmail is  also being incorporated into the browser along with the good, old school social  networking tool Twitter.

5 Best Social Media Extensions for Google Chrome1. Tweetmeme

The Google Chrome extension by the name of ‘Tweetmeme’ acts as a handy tool  that allows Google Chrome users to share stuff with their Twitter stream. Google Chrome users find this extension useful at websites where the Tweetmeme  button is not displayed or the Tweetmeme button can simply not be found on the page. Cutting or copying the text of the tweet becomes easier when using   Tweetmeme.

Therefore using Tweetmeme makes it easier for the Tweet to be pasted into  HootSuite and schedule for another time. The plug-in settings of Tweetmeme  can also be customized, but Google Chrome users must know how to customize them, before doing so.

2. My Shortcuts

My Shortcuts, happens to be a Google Chrome plug-in that is rapidly gaining  popularity. The fact that custom URLs can be added to My Shortcuts that allow  quick access to be gained to blogs or additional social profiles, is the most  likeable thing about this Google Chrome social media extension. By default My Shortcuts offers immediate access to Buzz, Contacts, Docs, Gmail, Reader,   Tasks, Voice and additional options for the creation of new email and new  documents are also additionally included.

3. Symtica

Absolute access to a variety of Google accounts are provided by the Symtica Google Chrome social media extension. Some of these accounts include Blogger, Gmail, Google Analytics, Picassa, YouTube and a lot more. In the coming future access to AdWords and AdSense accounts might also be  provided by the Symtica extension, which will definitely make the lives of Google Chrome users a bit simpler.

4. Google Buzz Button for Shareaholic

This Google Chrome extension is exclusively usable with Google buzz and the Buzz count of the page that is visited is displayed by the Buzz Button for Shareaholic.

5. Google Mail Checker Plus

When it comes to monitoring Buzz and Gmail, Google Mail Checker Plus happens to be quite a popular social media extension among Google Chrome users. The count of unopened mail is displayed by Google Mail Checker Plus along with allowing access to the inbox without opening Gmail.

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  1. October 18, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    thanks for the information………

  2. November 2, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Thanks! Very useful and yes Google Chrome is far better than Firefox

  3. November 13, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    I’m using Google Chrome too and it’s AWESOME! also just installed the gmail status icon which saves me resource space on my pc, i think the gmail website uses about 30k… have a good night, thanks for the tips 🙂

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