6 Different valuable kinds of SEO Software in the market

Are you trying to be and SEO expert? Trying to figure out the different kinds of SEO software that would help you out in being knowledgeable in the search engine marketing?

If your answer is yes, then it is really important for you to have an in depth understanding about SEO software and its types. There are 6 types of tools that are critical for your success in your website.

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6 Different valuable kinds of SEO Software in the market

1. Web Analytics tools

These set of tools would give you an understanding about the essential keywords that would help you in gaining the traffic you need for your website. These would even give you the valuable information like the number of views per page and the site views made each day, each week, each month or year. Some of these tools are the Google analytics and Stat Counter.

2. Keyword Research Tool

This tool lets you understand the density of the different keywords that you used in your website. When you are researching for keywords, this tool would let you set a filtering condition. This type of tool would help you tell the details your keywords have. Examples of these tools include Word Tracker as well as Keyword Dictionary.

3. Competitive Research Tool

This tool would help you gain an understanding about the traffic details that your competitor has. This would also let you understand about the kinds of keywords that drives an enormous amount of traffic in your competitor’s website. Xinu is just one of the competitive research tools that website owners use. Just bear in mind that while you are analyzing your competitor’s traffic details, it should not compromise the article quality found in your website.

4. PPC tools

This tool gives you the list of keywords that would let you get good convertibility. Although this would cost you much, you can get a price reduction by getting coupons to let you purchase this tool. Yahoo search coupons and Google Ad word credits would help you get discounts from the original prices.

5. Link Analysis tool

It gives you the details of your profile found in your link. It could also give you a list of the sites that has so much traffic which could give benefits for your site. If you use this site for a few days, you can have the assurance of having the traffic that you need. Link harvester and back link analyzer are just some of the tools that you can use.

6.  Rank Checker Tool

It would help you understand your website’s ranking in various search engines. It could actually come for free like CleaverStat from Google. This tool functions by comparing the details of the keywords you and your competitor are using in your individual websites. It actually costs you much, but this tool really delivers.

These different types of software tools give you a great advantage if you want to succeed in the search engine world. Knowing this makes you equipped and ready for the challenges you must face while competing for the spot to the top.

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  1. October 17, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Thanks for sharing Some of the Best tools here.

  2. January 3, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    The rank checker tool helps you to know the rank of your website while the link analysis tool helps you to know the site that have much traffic and the links from the sites can help get more traffic to your own site.

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