Are File Hosting Services Dead Following The Megaupload Case?

File sharing has long been a very popular tool for the online community, especially when sharing documents among large numbers of recipients. Many people share files at some point as users of the internet; especially with Facebook and other social platforms. However, people like to use file sharing services when they need to offer files to many people.

File sharing websites are great for almost any type of file or program, from music, photos, videos, and documents to software and games. Without these services, many people would find it hard to share their files with the audiences available on the internet. So our biggest question is: have these services died off because of the case with MegaUpload?

The MegaUpload Case, and Its Effects

Are File Hosting Services Dead Following The Megaupload Case?

File sharing websites have no control over the millions of files upload daily, and it can be difficult for them to investigate each and every file. Since many people share illegal downloads, such as pirated movies or stolen music, MegaUpload soon felt the pain when law enforcement discovered their hosting of illegal files. MegaUpload was pinned with the blame, when it was in fact the registered users who were sharing these illegal files.

Still, Megaupload was required to shut its doors and close its website. This was a huge loss to many file sharing individuals who relied on the service. Afterwards, many other file sharing sites soon became scared, and would voluntarily shut their websites down in fear of lawful action. Since you can be fined heavily or even imprisoned for sharing files illegally, the file sharing site owners were obligated to close shop before they too felt the sting of the judicial system.

The Truth For The Future Of File Sharing

Since file sharing websites are not actually violating any laws by themselves, they will continue to be widespread across the internet. It is not illegal to share or download files with a file sharing service, as long as you have the rights to distribute the item in question. This means file sharing sites will not be closed down, unless they are violating any laws associated with piracy or illegal distribution.

It might mean that many file sharing services will come and go rapidly, as law enforcement cracks down on violations that they may find. Still, there are hundreds of these file sharing websites that are still around and helping individuals to share files with the world. You may need to find a service that caters to a very small amount of users, as there is a greater chance of it lasting even longer before the possibility of being terminated. You should also refrain from sharing illegal downloads or intellectual property, as it can possibly be traced back to you.

If it is, you could find yourself being fined. Many reliable file sharing websites are based in countries other than the United States, in countries where laws such as these are not well enforced. This assists them in avoiding such problems with law enforcement.

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