Best 10 New blog ideas & topic to rock blogging Career

A blog is basically articles consisting of some valuable contents along with links to some other websites usually presented in a reverse chronological order for readers and visitors to share information.

Typically, blog authors compose their articles in a web-based interface, built into the blogging system itself. This is somewhat a short introduction about Blogging, lets go to our today menu about the awesome ideas to Blog On.

Best 10 New blog ideas & topic to rock blogging Career

Respond to something by inter-blog Dialogue

The best way to start blogging is  simply link to something elsewhere that you feel is interesting, or (better) that you disagree with. If you make a constructive response to what someone else has posted, for example, you can start a useful inter-blog dialogue.


Ask a question

This typically only works once you’ve established a readership and generated goodwill by contributing yourself on your blog and in comments on other blogs, or if it’s for a worthy cause. But it can be very effective in generating useful information.


Live Event Blogging

Attend a relevant event – a conference, meeting, public talk, demonstration, or even just a conversation – and write about it. If you have access to the internet during the event you can even ‘liveblog’ it by starting a post as soon as you have something to report and adding updates or new posts as the event progresses.


Write a how-to

Tutorials in this topic are also frequently top websites ‘most-shared’ lists and can be enormously useful in generating goodwill in your sphere – not to mention attracting comments that then add to and improve your knowledge of the subject.


Idea Suggesting

For a story or for a way of doing things. Invite reaction and suggestions – and don’t expect people to come to you: approach people you might otherwise be shy of asking, and invite them to respond on the comments. Ideas can travel very far, so can be very effective in attracting readers.


Review a product or someone

Try to make it useful – include links to further information, quote from (and link to) other reviewers.


Start a Discussion

Many bloggers attempt to generate traffic by loudly criticising another (popular) blogger in the hope that they’ll respond and generate traffic from their readers. This sort of tactic is often referred to as ‘link-baiting’ – in other words, if the criticised blogger responds (takes the bait) it generally means links to your blog. Done well, a genuine argument between two bloggers can generate insight and bring factions to compromise. You can also pick a fight with a company or brand, and mount a campaign to instigate change.


Making Visualization things

Take photographs and/or video footage as you travel along a particular route. Explain them, ask questions, include relevant links. Or draw sketches and photograph them.


Lists Blogging

Lists are enormously popular on the web, frequently topping websites’ ‘most shared’ lists. It may be anything from ’5 ways to tie a knot’ to ‘The 100 best albums by women’. A good tip for your first post is to make a list of the top 10 blogs in your subject area – a useful task for yourself while also making them aware of your existence.


Give chance of Guest post

If you find someone with particular expertise or experience, invite them to write a ‘guest post’ on a particular subject. Even if they already have their own blog, they will probably appreciate the opportunity to reach a new audience, or to write in a different context, and again it will improve your own knowledge.
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    Actually you write excellent. Follow news and trends is one of the biggest technic to generate new blogging idea, i think. 🙂


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