Best 12 Excellent Google Chrome Google Plus Extensions

Nowadays Google+ has become the hottest topic to discuss among internet users, bloggers, webmasters and normal people. Infact Google Plus is growing more at a rapid speed than ever any other social networking website expected. You can also Create Google Plus account and enjoy all of its features.

There are many other features which google plus has released including Google+ WordPress Themes, Updates of Google+ via SMS, a clear clone theme of Google+ Facebook Theme. Just as we create username, this facility is also applicable in Creating Google+ Username. In the coming times, many users are expecting the features list to grow more and more as Google is now planning to dominate the whole world of social networking and marketing.

Today we bring you the best Google Plus extensions that are available for Google Chrome browser.

Best 12 Excellent Google Chrome Google Plus Extensions

Google Plus

Google Plus brings you all the new Plus features around the world at one place. If you are the site owner, author or reader then you can submit all the news via this extension.


Google+ Tweeks

Google+ Tweeks extension is a wrapper for all the Google+ tweak version. You will always be updated to the script which will automatically update to the latest version.

The features includes

  • Preview images when you mouse-over them
  • Favicon badge shows the number of new notices
  • Make Google+ use your browser’s full width
  • Force all images in posts to thumbnails
  • Pin the Google bar and other navigational elements
  • Yellow “Post muted” notices automatically fade out
  • View post actions as buttons instead of as a drop-down menu
  • Hide various elements of Google+ you don’t use


Extended Share for Google Plus

Google+ does not have a quick way sharing your posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tumblr this extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post. Once clicked, it will bring up an internal bubble asking you where to share your post.

How does it work

  • When installed, it should add the “Share on …” link to every Google+ post.
  • Click on that link and it will open up a bubble with a list of locations to share.
  • Click on that share source, and it will open up a new tab asking for permission to share.
  • Easiest and safest way to share content from Google+ to everywhere.


Tweets +1

Adds the Google +1 Button to (aka New Twitter).  This extension lets you +1 tweets directly from Twitter, plus see how many other +1′s a tweet has received!


Notification Count for Google Plus

If you want to be aware of who are talking to you or mentioning you in their conversation on Google Plus, but don’t wish to have a web page consistently opened for Google Plus or Gmail, then you should try this.

The features are

  • Checks for any unread notifications of your Google Plus every minute, and displays unread notification count on your browser extension toolbar.
  • Click to open a tab to read all notifications.


+Photo Zoom

+Photo Zoom is a simple extension providing fast and simple zooming for photos within your Google+ Stream.

The extensions needs access to the pages on to integrate the JavaScript necessary for zooming photos when you hover them. The extension operates entirely within the bounds of your browser and does not collect any information. All it does is looking up the URL of the enlarged pictures.


Google CSS tricks

Google CSS tricks helps you to get more CSS tricks.


+1 Button – Plus One Button

The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”

The features are

  • +1 the current page with only one click
  • Check if you already +1’d the current page
  • Check how many people +1’d the current page


Helper for Google+

This extension adds twitter and translate link to every Google Plus post.

The features include

  • Share Google+ Posts with people on twitter.
  • Translate posts with Google Translate to language specified by you
  • Notifier – Get desktop notifications on new posts, also with sound.
  • Bookmark Google+ posts for reading them later. Faster and easier!
  • Bookmark posts on Delicious
  • Linked hashtags in posts for better search
  • Search in Google+ posts and profiles directly from your omnibox (address box), just type there”plus” (see screenshot) and type your search query.



This extension adds functionality to Google services.

The features included are

  • Unified Google bar, your personnalised menu is possible on all Google services!
  • Stick the Google+ bar always on top when you scrolling
  • Prevent open in new tab or window when you click on link inside the Google+ bar
  • Change the position of the chat for put in the Google+ Bar
  • Change the color of the notification bubble in the Google+ bar
  • Right click on the extension icon for go to the options page fastest
  • Add a translation link in the context menu (auto detect the post language)
  • Add notification for Gmail and Reader in the Google Bar.
  • Edit the color of any notification bubble.


Beauty G+

This extension will add some features that are missing in Google Plus, starting with:

  • Fixed position of the menubar
  • Fixed position of the left column
  • Fixed position of the right column
  • +1 any Website you are on
  • Option to hide suggestions and “Go Mobile”
  • Option to enable favicon notifications
  • Option to enable audio notifications


G+ Count Favicon

Changes the Google+ icon in the tab to indicate the number of new notifications. Useful for a pinned Google+ tab while browsing in another tab, or for situation where you have a large number of tabs open while browsing other websites in another tab.

These extensions would give you a better experience of Google Chrome + Google Plus. Do let us know what do you think about these extensions. Let your comments pour on our commenting section.

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