Best 9 Useful Open Source Web developer PHP editor

PHP formulates to as Hypertext Preprocessor. It mostly for the server s lettering form; which users create vigorously brought out interactive web pages.

PHP editors are mainly used by people who are working on Linux platform or by bloggers as well as webmaster too. These PHP editors are freely available and can be used by anyone for free to progress and performance improvement. There are many PHP editors out of which some of the best are as follows.

Best 9 Useful Open Source Web developer PHP editor

Syn – Open source text and code editor

It has scripts encoded and marked up. Syn is highly programmable text form. The program gives a neat way of open source texts. It supports active scripting which means you can extend the functionality with writing a script. It has many ways or features to check or replace. In addition syn supports projects, does multiple import/export features.


Bluefish PHP editor

It relates to producing dynamic formats. Provides many type of support for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby and shell. It is available on most platforms such as Mac OS X, and Windows. It is developed using languages which are c or gtk. It has many options for creation of websites and other scripts.



PHPEdit was developed by the French company WaterProof SARL. It is works with the help of Delphi and computes in Microsoft Windows operating system, and is designed primarily for the PHP language, and even  supports many languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, INI, PHPEditScript, XML,etc. it contains all type of tools to work out for your wishes.


HTML-Kit – full-featured editor

This is a type of HTML editor. Mostly supported within Microsoft windows. Mostly used for creating, checking and validating forms or scripts built within languages such as XML, HTML. HTML kit is available at a certain cost to the users. Experts can save time spent on using integrated developed things. This gives controlling features of many languages such as html, Ajax, xml, and others. There is much software which is being handled upon by it.


PHP Coder

PHP coder is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) primarily designed for PHP programmers. Through joins of the PHP interpreter and official documentation, even local servers can be tested through this coder and it really saves precious time for the users. When scripts written within languages such as xml or others, coloring effects can be brought upon the snippet form in to beatify to make the user have easiest way to read in. except from other features provided above, it can bring upon nice forms relatively.



It is a type of pads where added on filters can be done according to users choice. Many types of functionalities are been missing within WordPad; and it provides such functions. Editor is mostly installed and can be used easily. Files can be put on it through the within folders. Even here are some types of functions produced and enhances users with it. It is free within browsers.


Komodo Edit – cross platform editor

This is a mixture of lot of platforms and with several languages for editing’s and other related technologies like that of asynchronous java and xml. It also includes PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl. provides support for snippets for the browser part which include JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XML. The background snippet form even has certain features which can check codes and catch the errors within the lines if present. Mostly Mac OS X and Linux software support this software. XPI extensions allow the user to create his own types of plugins related to browsers.


Context Editor

This endow with graphical supports for the developing controller context trees and the description of data flowing between as passages through certain web entities. This is used to construct good forms of context matters. It really comprises of two parts: the first area is an edition area where it relates to the beginning of contexts and other matters. This context editing can replace and even make deletion within the context areas.


PHP Designer

This comprises of a free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for editing PHP for the learners as well those trained users. It is consider bringing upon such works which enhances in removing errors, analysis and bringing on applications and search engines through by the PHP and other web languages. This tool is a productive tool as it saves out time for the users. This tool really pertains to as gaining access to its functions, variables, and other related functioned tabs. This tool been brought up is increasingly in demands for the learners and well trainees.

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