Excellent Top 7 best working Off Page SEO Techniques Tips

Search Engine Traffic is the only way to survive in the global market with high competition niche. Since most of the blogs and websites are purely based on web searches that comes from various popular search engines. It becomes more mandatory to increase and improve the ranking and performance of their pages so that their ranking as well as their niche goes up in the search engines.

The Technique that is used for making an optimized webpages that are reliable for search engines are called On-Page SEO and the technique that is used to increase website link popularity is commonly known as Off-Page SEO. Some of the popular and must-do techniques for optimizing web pages for Off Pages SEO are listed below.

Excellent Top 7 best working Off Page SEO Techniques Tips

1. Web directories

Register your website in all possible web directories, so that you can get more visibility to visitors worldwide via these virtual directories. Website directories are like the yellow and white pages that are available for your phone numbers. When you place a link back to your website, visitors looking for information using these web directories will be tempted to read about your website and product details and services offered. This will also improve your site authority in the web.


2. Article Marketing

Writing review articles about your services and products are the best ways and the widely adopted methods for marketing articles. Guest blogging in other websites can help you in great Off Page SEO as you can also place the links of your websites. These are nothing but back links. Also Visitors to these websites having a higher number of views may visit your website and blogs with purpose or out of curiosity.


3. Blog Commenting

Commenting on others blogs in your niche area will increase the chances of visitors visiting your blogs, as you will be leaving your site URL, which when clicked can take you to your blog. This way you will also be generating a backlink that are much effective than you could think. Also leavening relevant comments can initiate interesting discussions in the site.


4. Use Social Media Effectively

Social networking sites are great place for building your network and friends and they are real good for promoting your business as they have million of registered users. In addition, the network will allow you to gain unique fans, friends or followers, through whom you can expand your networks like through their friends, and friends of their friends, and so on. This is the best place to find people of your niche. Some of the best social networking sites will include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


5. Advertise

The use of Google Adwords is the best way to promote your site/service in appropriate websites in your niche and you will be paying per click or impressions count. There are also free websites, wherein you can place free ads about your website. These are the pages where there is heavy traffic, which will indirectly also increase traffic to your website. Remember, these also counts as backlinks to your site increasing your site authority.


6. Forum Posting

This is one of the other prominent Off-page SEO Techniques, wherein you will be initiating or participating in various discussions on a number of topics in your niche. When you follow the guidelines of forum postings, the webmaster will allow you (in some forums after a certain period) to add your links (backlinks for your website) that can drive the traffic to their forum to your website. Also remember that these counts as high value backlinks, so Forum Posting is really valuable if done in the right way.


7. Press Release

Though not followed by many, this is one of the most important and effective off page SEO factor that will target certain audiences and are often considered as official announcement. This one of the best ways to introduce a new product from the horse mouth in the virtual world and will therefore effectively will drive more visitors and readers for your blogs. Usually links that you get from good PR sites are of high value.

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