Fantastic Free Games for your Smartphone or Tablet

It’s time to assess your mobile game inventory. You’ve already dropped the big bucks on a smartphone or a tablet, so why spend more on apps and games? There are thousands of free games to choose from on Android and iPhone/iPad operating systems not including the operationally limited free trials of costly games.

True, many free mobile games come with the occasional inconvenience of pop-up ads, but this is a relatively small price to pay for a free gaming experience to take with you wherever you go. So what are some of the more appealing free games out there? Below I’ve given an over of four free games that you don’t want to miss.

Fantastic Free Games for your Smartphone or Tablet

Shadow Cities

If you have any interest in MMORPGs, you definitely need to check out developer Grey Area’s most popular game, Shadow Cities. The game takes the most basic elements of a role playing game and implements them in a familiar setting: your own neighborhood. You choose a side of two opposing magical factions (Animators or Architects) and begin a worldwide turf war starting on the very street where you live.

You navigate your neighborhood and other cities across the globe as a traveling mage, gaining stronger magical abilities through battles with wandering spirits or real-life members of the opposing faction. With a global landscape, the game offers limitless variation in game play. It’s something not many free games can boast.

Words with Friends

If you have a smartphone (or a tablet), you’ve at least heard of the addicting word game Word with Friends. The game unites wordsmiths and amateur spellers alike to try their hand at crafting the highest scoring words on a board not unlike the one on Scrabble. You can play with friends or with random players across the world; it’s completely up to you.

There’s a great equalizer to the game that allows for (relatively) even competition among disparate skill levels: you’re not penalized for spelling a word incorrectly, the game just prompts you to try again until you spell something right. Some players take advantage of this system and try to spell out high-earning three point words that sound like planets from science fiction, but more often than not it allows for a balanced gaming experience.

Air Hockey Gold

For fun and simple multiplayer gaming, consider Air Hockey Gold for your iPhone or iPad. The game seamlessly recreates the physics of a real-life air hockey table straight out of an old arcade. Players take their place at either end of the gaming device and use their fingers to control mallets that whack the red puck across the table.

You’ll be impressed with how much the game resembles an actual air hockey table, and equally impressed with how quickly you become obsessed with it. If there’s no one around to play, try challenging the computer. The game’s AI can play hard enough to make you break a sweat.

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is another MMORPG, but unlike Shadow Cities mentioned above, this game is for the more hardcore gamer. Similar in layout to the wildly popular MMORG World of Warcraft, Pocket Legends presents players with the ultimate questing experience. You can choose to play as an ursan (warrior), avian (archer), or enchantress (magic user), traversing levels with other people who can join you in quests or battles with dazzling interactivity. Players can choose to participate in two different modes of play: cooperative gaming or player vs. player gaming.

Cooperative play is team-driven, where you and other players work together to solve quests and gain experience. Player vs. Player format pits your character against those of other people in an effort to determine the best player.  It’s an experience better witnessed firsthand. And since it’s free, there’s no reason not to try it out.

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  1. October 7, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    Emulators that let you play old console games on your phone are also pretty cool, I’ve got a bunch on my Android.

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    Nice gamereview.. hoping for the best to get this

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