How to Connect to Internet from Mobile Using Nokia PC Suite

Do you feel paying high internet bills? Looking for an alternative approach to connect to the internet? Well Nokia PC Suite takes care of all the needs.

All you need to have is a GPRS enabled mobile phone and Nokia PC Suite Software installed in your system. With the help of this software you can connect to the internet using your mobile phone at the cheap rates with a reasonable browsing speed.

How to Connect to Internet from Mobile Using Nokia PC Suite

Many companies now a day provide cheap data plans. So why not make use of it and avoid those pesky internet bills. Well here are lists of tools through which you can connect to internet in no time using Nokia PC Suite.

Connect to the Internet

By following the steps you can easily connect to the internet in just few minutes.

Step 1:

Install the Nokia PC Suite.

Step 2:

After installing it will prompt the user to connect using various modes such as
Bluetooth, Infrared, and Data Cable.

Step 3:

Select the any of the mode but I recommend connecting through Data Cable because it provides a better speed than the other two modes.

Step 4:

Once you connect your mobile its thumb nail image will be displayed in the left
top corner of the window.

Step 5:

Click on the tool which shows connect to the internet that will guide you to connect to the internet.

Step 6:

Click on setting tab and select the modem highlighted. The modem is nothing but the way to mean to connect to internet it is already present in your phone.

Step 7:

Click next and select your network operator from your list such as Airtel, Vodafone etc.

Step 8:

If you’re not able to connect it automatically then you can connect using manual options also but customer care help will be required in this.

Step 9:

Finally click next and click connect tab and wallah your mobile access is connected to the internet.

Step 10:

Open your PC’s browser and enjoy the surfing experience. It provides a decent browsing speed that user can use and download necessary things such as files, music, documents etc.

Thus Nokia PC Suite proving to be the most promising tool among several users worldwide. Though some other software and tools also available in the market but this turned out to be the best among Nokia mobile users.

You can download this tool from Here

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