How To Convert Flash SWF To HTML5 And Play Without Flash Plugin

Most of the people are unaware about the fact that what they are seeing in many Website as enriched animation and other scripts are all due to Flash Software. But many web developers try to avoid this Software use because of the fact that it requires extra Flash Plugins.

If Flash is used in any of the Websites then most of the people complaint that those Websites takes longer to load then usual and I have personally experienced it and it is really annoying to wait for such sites to load. So is there any solution to it who wants to present their data and other animations without any Flash Plugin then this post is just for you.

Read along on how to covert flash SWF to HTML5 and play without flash plugin. Most of the people are unaware that Flash SWF can be presented on the Websites without using any Flash Plugin just by converting it to the latest Technology HTML5.

Steps To Convert Flash SWF to HTML5

How To Convert Flash SWF To HTML5 And Play Without Flash Plugin

  • Just go to Google’s Swiffy project page and Download Flash Extension.
  • This extension can convert Flash SWF to HTML5 and can be used on digital devices such as iPhone, iPad and on PC too.
  • Next step is to install this extension with Adobe Extension Manager.
  • Open Adobe Flash Software and set Flash Player to the version 8 and Script to Action Script 2.0
  • Now you are fully set to start working with the Flash thing and you can create animations, buttons and much more and script them accordingly. Swiffy mainly supports Action Script 2.0, Button, Embedded Font, Static text, Mask Shape and Dynamic Text.
  • Next step is to save the document before you export it to HTML5.
  • Click on Export as HTML5 under commands menu. If the document is too large then it may take some time.
  • This is it folks now you get the HTML file containing HTML5 code which renders your animations and other supported things without any Flash plugin.
  • You can use this HTML5 code and can copy it on to your Website and see the dramatic change in views and see your Website load faster than before with Flash SWF on it.

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  1. tensing
    February 26, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    I don’t think Flash is the one that requires a lot of computing power, it’s the fact of decompressing and decoding a very complex data in real time called “Digital Video”, Flash makes transparent the hardware calls implementation for the developers, with swf to html5 converter you will need to deal with conversion of flash to html5 players by rendering a lot of hardware engines, then multi-platform apps will be a true headache for the developers, the same problem than always: HTML hacks for each browser but with a more complex technology: HTML5

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