How to Find Passwords stored on Computer or laptop

Have you lost your password of local machine? Are you trying to continuously find the system Password to perform some administrative actions? If you are not able to find any solutions, you have reached a wonderful place to solve your issue.

There are plenty of times when we keep passwords on our local machines for security purpose and may a times we tends to forget the password stored on the computer. So today we brings you an awesome tool, Password Viewer, to find out your password. This free tool can track and retrieve any system password along with you can also retrieve passwords for Emails, Instant Messengers, FTP, IE, dial-up, LAN, VPN, Microsoft Office keys, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Windows System and IE product CD keys.

How to Find Passwords stored on Computer or laptop

Password Viewer is an awesome free downloadable tool that always helps you to recover all the lost passwords of your Email accounts along with other IM accounts that are valuable to you, are located on your windows local machine. It does more powerful things than only retrieving passwords along with retrieving Dial-up connections; LAN, WAN and VPN passwords. It also contains some of the best features of retrieving Products keys of premium software which could have been lost including that of MS Office, SQL, Visual Studio, or any other software.

It also supports retrieve some of the features from Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, IncrediMail , Eudora, Netscape , Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and MSN.

Note: This tool works only when the user is logged into the system. If you permanently forgot the password of your system without having loginged into it, then this tool is not a good option at all. Don’t worry we will bring up new article on Retrieving password without being login as well. You can use our search to find more stuffs on retrieving passwords.

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