How to Install Facebook Subscriber Button For Website to Get More Visitors

Facebook the most addicted and the top social networking site that is on the boom these days and continues to get more attractive as it is getting developed everyday and provides several user friendly and useful things to all of its users in many ways.

Social Media is the best way to promote anything for free of cost by creating a page for your websites and many other things that go with the flow. Then why not just install a Facebook Subscriber Button for your website and get more users by providing then instant updates.

How To Install Facebook Subscriber Button For Your Website to Get More Visitors

Subscriber service is introduced for public profiles and is just amazing as if anything is shared or updates it will be visible right on others Facebook wall about what you have shared or updated like status updates, photos shares, or just about everything.

How To Install Facebook Subscriber Button

The installation steps are very easy just follow the code given below with some minor changes accordingly. Change the username to your own instead of “chintanjain25”

The Code:

<fb:subscribe href=”″ width=”450″></fb:subscribe>

or click Here to get your code

How it is Advantageous

  • If you own a website or if you are a blogger, web master or a frequent web publisher then this service comes in handy to attract more traffic on your website or blog.
  • If you want to use this subscribe service then just embed this code given above beside your profile info. So that instead of sharing your Facebook profile link you can enable users to subscribe your latest Facebook updates directly on the go.
  • Once this subscribe button code is embedded in your website code then people and al the other users can connect to your Facebook profile with the help of just a click.
  • To attract more people and get more traffic to your website or blog then place this subscribe button next to your name when you are publishing any article or news.
  • If you do so then it becomes easy for the people to find it out easily and subscribe your service. 

Facebook is the ultimate way of free promotion of anything that you publish or just about do anything. Where can you get promotion like this?

Then why not use the above code to your website or blog to give an amazing traffic and get more subscribers without even having any sort of promoting problems.

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