How to make Google+ profile look like Facebook Feed Profile

Google+ is definitely the most used social networking platform nowadays among many people. With Google introducing so many new features like Google+ WordPress theme and Updating Google+ via mobile. You can also have a look at Create Google+ Account.

Google+ has been the most demanding social networking site these day. With its potential to people’s resources, it has become popular among everyone. With its fast growth into the technology we are looking forward to many new features from Google. Whatever many be the reason for Google+ success but using Facebook for so long time people feel uncomfortable with the layout of Google+. Since people are addicted to Facebook profile live feed. So it becomes very difficult to cope up with Google+ in this regards.

How to make Google+ profile look like Facebook Feed Profile

Google+ has made itself to be the king of social media these days. Google+ is an ultimate product developed by Google for Social networking is now giving tough competition to Facebook. The beauty of Google+ is that its not only attracting Facebook users and bloggers but also attracting Webmasters and designers. Bloggers are also getting used to it in continuously poking Google+ social sharing button in order to raise their traffic. talking about the web designers, they are also continuously creating new icons, wallpapers, themes and many more things.

It seems too fast, looks like the Google+ has been launched yesterday only and have taken the Facebook and all of its terms. To help people many of the developers have made an attempt to develop a theme that looks like Facebook. It will be a theme installed on top of your browser. In quick time some developers have developed a cool addon to make your Google+ account profile page looks exactly like Facebook.

For rest of the world your Google+ profile will look like a normal one but its just for you the theme will be different one. This theme is an excellent theme which you can take a look at Google+ Facebook Theme

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