How To Permanently Delete Facebook Social Networking Account

Almost every user on this earth has a Facebook Account which is the top Social Networking site loved and used by almost of every age group. Are you getting a feeling that you are spending too much of your time over the Facebook and addicted to it very badly? Then you have no choice to delete or deactivate your account.

But deactivating your account means you can again reactivate it just by signing in as it only hides your Facebook Profile from everyone but actually not deleted. But in our case deleting is something else. Deleting Permanently means there would be no data left behind what so ever. Many parents are also worried about their kids getting lost in this Social Networking world of Facebook and want them to concentrate on their studies.


But now you can feel free because you can Delete your Facebook Account permanently without leaving a single trace of your profile. Just follow the steps given below. And most of the people after the introduction of the entirely new features like timeline; they are not comfortable to use it.

Steps To Delete Your Facebook Account

  • The foremost thing that you would want before deleting your Facebook Account is that you do not want to leave a single trace of your data on it as it may be accessible or get hacked by someone so that he/she can use it for wrong purpose.
  • So it is always better to delete every data like Photos, Videos, Comments, Tags and all the crap that you used and uploaded it.
  • But before you want to delete your Facebook account permanently and want to retain the old memories of Facebook then it allows you to download the entire data present on your account of your Facebook.
  • which includes all your Photos, Videos, Comments etc. and much more.
  • Just go to Account –> Account Settings –> General –> Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • This will send a download link once your download is ready to your mail ID associated with your Facebook Timeline Account and then download it by logging into your Mail ID.
  • Now the Final steps comes for deleting permanently , just click the link below and leave all the rest of the work to it.
  • It will redirect you to the Deleting page where you need to click Submit.
  • And keep one thing in mind don’t log in for two weeks and your Facebook Account will be deleted permanently.

And its done, Your Facebook account will be permanently deleted. Do pour your comments on it and do share it with your friends and let them also know about it.

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  1. January 20, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    I am feed up of this facebook will delete this permanently, thanks for tutorial.

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