How to Recover Remove USB Pendrive Virus infected hidden Files

People are more addicted to USB flash drives like Pendrive, External Hard Disk and lots more. Everyone knows the benefits of an External Hard Disk and Pendrive. Those days have gone where people use to CD, DVD and all optical Disc Devices normally because it takes more time to copy as well as delete and moreover it cannot be reused as well.

These days, pendrives have becomes the most portable and reliable devices to carry out anywhere with lots of data, Music, Movies and all kind of stuffs. But with the over use of these USB devices, they are more prone to attacks to virus.

How to Recover Remove USB Pendrive Virus infected hidden Files

If you have some unconditional virus on your pen drive that is hidden for most of the time then you can view it using Tools –> Folder Options tab. But most of the time these deadly virus often are unchanged and no results are produced even when we make show all files including hidden one. So today we are going to tell you a permanent solutions for recovering these hidden files.

  • Plug in your USB Pendrive or External Disk on which hidden files are present.
  • Go to Start –> Run –> Type “CMD” without quotes and Enter.
  • Find the required USB Drive, usually it is I drive
  • Change the location to I:
  • Now start typing attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
  • Make sure that you avail a single space between each element in the code. Or you can directly copy the code from here.

Its done, All your files are not safe and secure with removing all hidden damage and unsecured files. If you found this information valuable, do share this with your friends and like us on our Facebook Fan page. If you have any doubts or comments to share with us, our commenting section is always free for you.

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