How To Set Your Favorite Image As Gmail Background

Well Gmail is the best mailing provider service by Google and almost used by everyone who exits on this planet. Gmail does provide a heck lot of features than any other mailing domain.

But many people use Gmail and still not aware of many stuffs and other related settings. The main thing that they are unaware is how to customize the theme of your Gmail Account.

Have you ever wished if you could set your favorite image as Gmail background? Well now you can set your favorite image as Gmail background. Gmail also provides many themes and you can create of your own ones too.

Just follow the steps given below and see the amazing thing happen right in front of your eyes and set your favorite image as Gmail background.

Steps To Set Your Image As Gmail Background

How To Set Your Favorite Image As Gmail Background

Step 1:

The very first thing you need to do is just Login to your Gmail Account. And there you click onto Settings.

Step 2:

Just Search for the Themes Tab and click on it.

Step 3:

if you wish to create your own customized theme then scroll down and click on Create Your Own Theme. But there are default themes schemes too for the users.

Step 4:

Click on the Link and in the options it will prompt you to select your background image. Here you can choose any image that is liked by you and which is more attractive.

Step 5:

Now in this final step there will be options such as Choose image from Picasa album or Upload an image from your computer’s hard drive.

From the option Upload image from computer will prompt user to browse the images where it is located on the hard drive and select it in the options. In case of Picasa Album options you have to choose image from the album made by you in the Picasa.

After you have selected the desired image of your own then save the settings and see it for yourself. The image set by you just looks amazing with the transparent effect to your mail inbox and everywhere else.

So by just following the above simple steps you can set your favorite image as Gmail background.

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