How To Use Skype On A Mac

Skype has become a very popular communication platform, with millions of users signed up for the service. It has many useful features for the everyday user, and many more for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and their employees. One major benefit is the ability to launch a conference call; which you can do so with up to 25 users, including the host. Skype is a revolutionary service that many have grown to love, and they use it quite frequently.

Skype is available on computers, including Macs of course, and on mobile devices; yet, they also offer a home phone solution, and you can even receive a phone number for friends, family, and fellow workers to reach you with. Having Skype on your Mac is a great way to keep up with the people in your life.

Requirements For Skype And Mac Computers

How To Use Skype On A Mac

The first requirement for Skype is an internet connection of course, with a high speed connection being preferred; especially for voice and video calls. 512 Kbps is the lowest recommended download speed, with 128 Kbps being the recommended upload speed. This is for general use, but video and voice calling require faster speeds. You will also need certain system requirements met in order for Skype to run correctly on your Mac computer.

Mac OS X 10.5.8 or a later version is recommended for Skype use also, along with 512 MB of RAM. Memory on your computer is also important, as you will need at least 100 Megabytes of free space on your hard drive. If you are using voice calling, be sure that you have a headset or a microphone and speakers on hand. For video calling, a webcam or other video capturing device will be necessary.

Obtaining and Using Skype

A great added benefit to Skype is that many of its features are free to use for all registered members. Therefore, you will not have to spend a penny for basic access. You will need to visit the Skype website, and first register for an account. Afterwards, you can download the program. You should be sure to download the appropriate version, as there are many available for download for different operating systems.

Once you have the software download, run the file and install it onto your computer. You can then log in, and begin using your Skype account. Be sure to add your contacts into the list. There are many ways you can do this; you could add them individually with their usernames, you can add them using their email, or you can even import users with your email accounts.

If you are not up for doing that, you could also ask your friends, family, or workmates to add your new username, which can save you the hassle. Once you have all of your contacts imported, you can quickly and easily use Skype to contact the people you know right from your Mac computer. Skype is quite addictive, and can offer solutions for different communication needs; whether it be about that big upcoming project at work, or that homerun that your cousin just made at his baseball tournament.

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