Is the iPhone 5 suitable for playing casino games?

The iPhone 5 is very suitable for playing casino games, and according to Ladbrokes mobile casinos optimised for the iPhone and Android phones are the fastest grow sector of the online gaming market, so many people are discovering how good these phones are for gaming.

Although the iPhone 5 doesn’t have the largest display, it uses Apple Retina display based on conventional LED technology which is much brighter than the OLED displays used in phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy 3 S making it better in bright sunlight. However the display in the Galaxy 3 S has much better contrast, giving it a punchier appearance especially in dimly lit conditions. The reason why the Galaxy is not as bright as the iPhone is that less power is used to drive the display, and this is to extend the life of the OLEDs. But whatever the technologies, which display is better is very much down to user experience; some people prefer the larger and punchier display on the Galaxy, while other prefer the brighter display on the iPhone 5.

Whichever phone you go for, then be assured that both are eminently suitable for playing casino games. The whole mobile gaming experience has taken online casino gaming to an entirely new dimension. Now we are no longer restricted to playing from our desk and can log on to a casino from our phone wherever we might be and at any time of the day, we can just pop in to our favourite casino for a quick game and pop out again whenever we have a few spare minutes to kill.

The kinds of games that are best for this, and are turning out to be the most popular, are slots. The beauty of slots is that you can just have a quick spin or two, while with games such as blackjack, another mobile casino favourite, you are really committed to play it for a longer period. The bottom line is that the iPhone 5 is very suitable for playing casino games so give it a go.

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