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This page has been especially created for all who would like to be a part of an ordinary team of Digital Imagination with extraordinary talent. We are also looking forward to develop individual Talents, Customize it ans Sharpen it more.

It doesn’t matter what age you have, anyone can register with Digital Imagination as a Guest Author and have an exposure to the articles.

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  • All Guest Authors will get the personal Bio to be displayed at the end of the post.
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We offer many categories to write starting with Web Guide including Blogging Guide, How to, Gadget Guide, Apps Guide, Ebook Guide, Extension Guide, Addons Guide, Plugin Guide, Social Media Guide, Tools GuideBlogging Resources, Blogger Tools, Search Engine Optimization, Online Money World, Affiliate Marketing, Web Tutorial, Tips & Tricks and lots more.

Please make sure of one thing, that everything you write must be related to only Web Guide and nothing else.

Guidelines for Guest Authors

  • Digital Imagination respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of some one else work, feel free to give credit.
  • Please don’t include any kind of affiliate links to get more earnings.
  • Keep your profile a simple one, Please don’t add any extra links in your profile for promotion.
  • We respect everyone work. In case we found out that you have copied post from somewhere. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts and comments from Digital Imagination.
  • Try to answer any query related to your article via comments. This will give you more exposure and help readers as well.

Digital Imagination is a community for Web Guide and provides information related to Web Guide field only, but if any one is found violating any of the above guidelines, he will be banned instantly with or without any notice. This is to make sure we offer only quality posts.

If you have any questions or query about Guest posting. Feel free to get in touch with me via contact us.

The world is progressing and we wish you also to progress. Make your start in the field of blogging, if you already have not done. Register Yourself and Join Hands with Us. Lets Rock Blogging!! Have a Nice Day! 🙂