Now You Can Download All Your Favorite Facebook Videos

Facebook the best and the most popular Social Networking Website among all in the world. It has millions of users who are active almost at the every second and share a lot of things like Photos, Status Updates, Videos and much more.

You must have seen most of the videos are either shared or uploaded by the users. Are you willing to download all those videos that may interest you? Well then you have landed on the exact place to know hot to download Facebook Videos that are shared by friends and families.

There may be many Web Applications and Softwares out there in this techno world that may provide all sort of video downloads online. But there is no such need of a separate software like that. You can download all the Facebook wall related videos just by using your Mozilla Firefox’s Add-on. This Add-on is named as “Facebook Video”.

Now You Can Download All Your Favorite Facebook Videos

The Facebook videos scripts are totally based on the Greasemonkey and it is now available on a Add-on of your own Firefox Browser. This Facebook Video Add-on of Firefox Browser lets the user to download or convert Facebook videos and capable of embedding videos outside of the Facebook Social Site.

The steps to download this Add-on from the Mozilla Firefox official site is very ease. Just download it install it over your PC and after that restart your PC for settings to take effect. Once restarted just login to your Facebook account and the next amazing thing you can see it on your wall is that any video that is shared you can see it with a download link.

Now it depends on you whether you download the video or convert it into various other formats that are provided in this Facebook Video Add-on.

If you click the download video link on your Facebook wall then the video gets downloaded and saved in .MP4 format. And if you are so willing to video in the other formats then it allows you to convert videos in other formats like .MP3, .WMV, .AVI, .FLV .WAV etc.

I have personally used this Add-on and had a great experience using it as it is very user friendly and have an awesome User Interface that every user may wish for. This Add-on is popular all around the globe for its amazing feature that it provides.

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