Popular Top 4 Best Free important Mobile Unique Web Browsers

Browsing was never easy if web browsers were not developed. Mobile web browsers play a major role in terms of featuring GUI (Graphical User Interface). If you have to browse over the internet all the times, be it on road side or party hall or during travelling time then you need a web browser. In case to check your mails you also need web browser.

Browser offers fully feature like saving history of pages been browsed, new tab for other content to be browsed, page zoom, keyboard shortcuts, etc. if you need to book you’re travelling tickets you need same web browser. So web browser has started playing a crucial role in our life. Today we are going to list of the best and important web browsers that are almost supported in all types of devices.

Popular Top 4 Best Free important Mobile Unique Web Browsers

Opera Mini

If you are looking for the best of best and commonly used web browser then an excellent java application browsers called Opera Mini is waiting for you to get downloaded. You will be able to find this application in every smartphone and PDA user. This browser gives you comfort navigation through a page and shines by its user interface. There are options for creating new tab, copying text; compress pages, image loader and all are very impressive. It is totally available for free of cost. The main Key feature include compressed downloads for fast browsing and navigation.

Other Features of Opera Mini

  • Modernized new user interface
  • New UI optimized for tablet devices
  • Faster framerates when panning and zooming
  • No checkerboard, ever
  • Text stays sharp during zooming
  • Improved text-wrap on zoom
  • Smart-tap, auto-zoom and highlights links if ambiguous link click
  • Incremental zooming for devices w/o multi-touch
  • Buttons for jumping to the top/bottom of the page
  • Haptic feedback (if supported in hardware)
  • Share URL on social networks, email etc
  • Improved Geolocation support
  • Session restore



Skyfire brings you an experience from the desktop browsing to mobile device. Like as opera, these browsers have some different approaches in rendering the web pages. Skyfire’s have search bar, along with bookmarks content, history page and features tab. It’s been terrific browser when compared to desktop browser. It supports its web browsing activity with android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile. It also provides the facility of displaying rich content websites with Flash or widgets like YouTube, and many more. One of the best features of this mobile browser is the customizable zoom feature which makes this browser a unique one.

Other Features of Skyfire

  • New Super Bar that combines search and URL entry into one bar
  • Skyfire can now be set as the default browser
  • New search bar on the Homescreen
  • New start page redesign
  • Faster start-up and page loading times
  • Share a link via SMS
  • Invite friends to download Skyfire via SMS
  • Save an image & Download files


Firefox Mobile

Mobile Firefox has some highly excellent features while comparing to other desktop browsers. It also includes same add-ons which is been used in desktop. The superior bar, multiple tabs, password manager, Add on support and synchronizing are some of its key features and functions to perform. It is highly made to supports for Nokia, Windows Mobile 6.0 (alpha), Android type of devices. One of the best feature of this web browser is the flexibility of enjoying flash content over is amazing.

Other Features of Firefox Mobile

  • Firefox Sync
  • Download Management
  • Arcs built on Prodigy Engine enables the users to access variety of functions with simplicity
  • Full Screen browsing
  • Custom themes
  • Built-in Media Player
  • Dropbox integrtion
  • Multi-touch gesture control
  • Social sharing features including  Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Wave & more in a single Tap
  • Full Screen browsing
  • Bookmarking



Bolt uses one special feature which above three browsers doesn’t have, that is chat facility which is highly impressive while comparing for most of the browsers. One of the best features which this web browser provides is that maintaining original appearance of the screen. Overlapping of page elements is been a recurring problem in every browser but bolt seems to do much better than other in preventing overlapping. Bolt, like Opera Mini, have both a “mobile view” and a “desktop” view that maintains a page’s layout but requires horizontal scrolling to see the whole page. One of the annoying features which no one would like to see is that it lacks in supporting some video formats. It has a highly concentrated Supports in Java MIDP 2.0.

Other Features of Bolt

  • Less Load complete web pages in seconds
  • Patented navigation and display technologies
  • View streaming flash or HTML5 videos from conferencing sites like YouTube, MySpace and MTV for better performance
  • Enjoy Twitter and Facebook like social networking widgets
  • Easily switch between multiple sites with tabbed browsing
  • Post social networking activities including commenting and status updates directly from Bolt
  • Backup your favorite data in the cloud
  • Full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
  • Run Web-based applications, like Mafia Wars and Google Docs
  • Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed
  • Browse any site with the best page rendering available

So what are you waiting for just download for free and start using and get experience.

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  1. October 24, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    I vote Bolt. Before I read this review I had never heard of it, but am finding Bolt a refreshing change from FF, IE and Chrome.
    So thanks for pointing it to my attention.

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