Popular Top 4 Best Free Mobile SMS Sending Websites

Let move to the early decade where Messages been sent through pigeon, scroll letter, by post, etc. As days passed people were used to talk over a phone as form of messages and then later on this mobile SMS which made people been addictive to send messages to their friend. Sending free messages are valid only through within particular limit of area, other than that it’ll cost them.

So to send free SMS outside that area we’ll be using some of the best sites which provide best usage to the user and grab their attention by just signing up in to those sites.

Popular Top 4 Best Free Mobile SMS Sending Websites


This site is just fabulous. Sending SMS free to family and friends made easy by site that too in no cost, then sure people will be so merge to be attached to this types of site. One the most important feature is that we can create a group of 10 people and send them simultaneously to whole group and as well as set a reminder of birthdays and anniversary. Sending Free SMS provides only 160 Characters per message. The delivery of message is very fast. We can even create a list of contacts so that SMS made easy to send to all those recipients.



IBIBO which is been popular by their social networking games played by over the world is not been left behind in case of free SMS. Sending free SMS just required a little effort, just signup then link your number in it, provide verification code which is been sent to your mobile and that’s it your free SMS is done now time for messaging. Not only messaging interacts but playing games with SMS means lots of fun around.



Another great service provider for sending free SMS with in India, just three years been launched this site and it been tremendous hit by its friendly features. By the name it indicates just 160 characters can be sent free. It also provides ads in each SMS; the users have been fan of it and promoted this network. By this millions of users been registered with in a year.



Way to your free SMS is here too with having lots of exciting features. None of the other sites provide you an email ID with it, but way2sms provides your ID along it as yourname@way2sms.com. Its Service is much better than 160by2. It also links with your Gmail, Yahoo and other Accounts for your mail alters. Group SMS, built-in SMS been more popular in it.

Thus I conclude sending free SMS to friends and family which costs you nothing and keeps you in touch. So what you are waiting for just start sending SMS. Do comment on this article about your experience on using these free websites for sending mobile sms.

3 Responses to “Popular Top 4 Best Free Mobile SMS Sending Websites”

  1. Sunil prajapat
    July 24, 2011 at 5:50 am #

    Gud sites for free msging…specially way2sms.com i just love it

  2. July 24, 2011 at 6:20 am #

    i heard only about 160by2.com and used few times,sms are so cheap these days who cares to go online and send one, anyway that’s a nice compilation an share

  3. July 24, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    Free121sms.com is also good.

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