Popular Top 5 Best Image Compression Tools

Many users are trying to search various forms or ways to constrict the images for various orders of looks within it. These days there are many tools organized for the constriction of images. The various tools impact on constricting images is:

Popular Top 5 Best Image Compression Tools

Advanced JPEG Compressor

This type of Compressor is designed to course digital images in JPEG format. It is a form of retaining the pictures according to user’s thinking. It provides a greater thinking of sharing file and during printing course.

  • Diminishes the size of the pictures.
  • Formulates to any size of picture user desires to.
  • If user wants to be in other format, it has such forms which can convert it.


Image Optimizer

It is highly recommended tool after the advanced jpeg compressor. It constricts images into any order of formats. It alters the sizes of the images. It has a many alternatives for optimizing various types of images.

  • Optimize PNG Files for Web : Bad Transparency check, optimization of PNG settings and final compression with a powerful 7-zip deflate engine.
  • Optimize JPG Files for Web : Conversion to Quality 90 -Maximum-, full huffman tables optimization and encode to progressive coding.


Smush It

It is the next tool recommended by all. It really alters every type of sizes of images. All the images been searched from folders can be brought out and they can be condensed into other ways. It also optimizes many types of images through its tools

  • Multiple upload for number of pictures directly from your browser.
  • Additional options for image URLs.
  • SMUSH.IT 0.5 is a Firefox Extension – available to optimize the images found on any web page.
  • Optimized images are downloadable as a single zip.


The image here is converted into smaller size from the original size of the image. This tool is a way of a multitasked work. You can choose multiple of photos from your folder and can compress at that very time. This saves precious time of the user as well finishes the work within time

  • Added option to preserve EXIF data, to maintain copyright and other image metadata
  • Added option to skip bit reduction when compressing.  This improved IE6 compatibility (see PunyPNG’s IE6 support)
  • REST-based API support (beta)
  • Fully supports for PNG, .GIF, .JPG
  • Clear concordances for # of bytes saved (as well as being pretty bar graphs)
  • JPEGs are analyzed to see if a compressed PNG format is better (ex: JPEGs with heavy solid areas benefit from this).  But if not, don’t despair, punypng is backed with jpeg-tran and optimize for further JPEG optimization.
  • “Fire-and-forget” batch processing: You can upload up to 50 files in a single session.  Optimized versions are clearly labeled, and if no further optimization can be made to the uploaded file, you get the original back untouched.  After you upload a batch, you can go ahead and upload another batch without having to reload the page.
  • Download batch jobs as a single time-stamped ZIP.
  • See the change log for future updates
  • JPEG Compression — punypng doesn’t leave JPEGs out in the cold.

Web Resizer

This tool provides various controls such as hue, pixel and other varieties for the image quality. The images which are optimized would be in a larger size than the previous size but will be prior to the same format such as jpeg and others.

  • Convert common graphic format to standard web graphic format JPEG and PNG
  • Convert DPI
  • Apply resampling’s filter to make better quality
  • Convert sepia tone or black & white (grayscale)
  • Enhance compression
  • Make progressive JPEG file
  • Convert supported graphic file to 24 bit graphic (or even 8 bit PNG without having trouble)
  • Automatically apply contrast and brightness
  • Automatically sharpen images
  • Rename image
  • Insert text as watermark into image with nice soft shadow
  • Rotate image
  • Browse image
  • Preview image
  • Save a log file (multi resize mode only)
  • Save all resized images to a ZIP file (multi resize mode only)
  • Wide strings (chinese, japanese, etc..) enabled for watermark

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