Proxy Pro 7 Remote Desktop Software for Remote Access

Many a times happens that you are on your work and you need to get something on to your home computer for retrieving additional files which might include viewing up of electricity bill or your to-do list for today or might be even getting important points for project which you might have prepared in your home and forgot to bring in the office.

However, driving long back to home and getting access to all these things has always been a major hectic along with time consuming work for most of the people, this is when remote desktop software comes into play. Now distance doesn’t matter for anyone as anyone with authorized permission can now access its local computer from remote areas just as we are using our local computer.

Proxy Pro 7 Remote Desktop Software for Remote Access

PROXY Pro remote desktop software has always been essential for all kinds of organization from past 15 years and above. They provide 24×7 access to desktops and critical network devices along with speeding problem diagnosis and resolution.

PROXY Pro Components

PROXY Pro 7.0.4 runs on Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Server 2008 R2/ Server 2008/Server 2003 and which consists of the following important components:

  • PROXY Pro Host allows a PC or server to be viewed and operated.
  • PROXY Pro Terminal Server Host injects a Host instance into one or more concurrent terminal sessions.
  • PROXY Pro Master allows you to view and operate PROXY Pro Hosts.
  • PROXY Pro Gateway, the central component of PROXY Pro Server Edition, handles configuration and management of security and access between PROXY Pro Masters and Hosts.
  • PROXY Pro Deployment Tool allows you to easily configure and automatically deploy PROXY Pro applications to large numbers of computers enterprise-wide.

PROXY Pro Services

PROXY Pro 7.0.4 supports the following services on its secure connections between Hosts and Masters:

  • Remote Control: It has the ability to view the end user screen activity along with proper authorization in real time.
  • Remote Clipboard: It poses the ability to copy selected items on the screen of a remote machine into the clipboard and also allows you to transfer the content to clipboard on local machine as well
  • File Transfer: It can enable you to drag and drop files from remote computer to local machine.
  • Host-based Chat: It comes with a perfect chat mechanism for both remote as well as local machine to enable of interaction of various information.
  • Remote Printing: It also has the ability to print selected text on local machine as well as remote machine.
  • Host Administration: It has the ability to view and edit configuration settings of the PROXY Pro Host which has been put up on the remote host.

PROXY Pro is the official product of Proxy Networks which is the latest version of PROXY Pro Remote desktop software, comes with following new and add-on features including

Latest Added Proxy Pro 7 features

  • Support Windows 7
  • Support Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Support Mac/Linux (via VNC)
  • Support for Wake-on-LAN
  • View/modify power schemes
  • Use Active Directory for mass deployment
  • Share sessions with RDP
  • One-click remote access to PCs behind firewalls & NAT-devices
  • Fast, reliable remote control
  • Group and role-based access control & security management
  • WMI-based remote management without RPC
  • Real-time screen sharing
  • Server-side support for Terminal Services sessions

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  1. September 28, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    I always try to carry a small back up of my document. After reading your post I feel I should use a remote desktop services.I have heard about LogmeIn but I didn’t know about Proxy Pro. It seems very useful. Thanks for sharing. Wish you a good luck from our computer support team.

  2. Prasanta Shee
    November 2, 2016 at 10:30 am #

    In addition to PROXY Pro 7, you may try other remote support softwares like logmein, gosupportnow, R-HUB remote support servers etc. They work well.

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