Top 10 Best Linux Mozilla Default Web browser Alternatives

Linux is an operating system equivalent to Microsoft Windows for all types of activities except GUI(Graphic User Interface). The only default browser in Linux is Mozilla Firefox. The choice of Mozilla Firefox is always right since it provides some of the best features of all time.

But many a times when we are about to put overload on Mozilla, it often tends to crash and lead to system damage. So today we bring you the best web browser for Linux platform other than Mozilla Firefox.

Top 10 Best Linux Mozilla Default Web browser Alternatives


Arora is the most preferred cross platform web browser which is normally light in size and runs particularly for Linux as well for rest of the operating system as well including embedded Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, Haiku and all other rest of the platform as well. It also uses a standard compliance webkit layout engine called the QtWebKit port which makes this browser to be easy to use. It also runs of platform which is only supported by Qt toolkit. The features of Arora are

  • A Powerful JavaScript Engine
  • Fast rendering browser
  • Support netscape plugins
  • Very fast startup
  • Integration with desktop environments
  • Smart location bar
  • Session management
  • Privacy mode
  • Flexible search engine management
  • ClickToFlash plugin
  • Download manager
  • WebInspector, a set of tools for web developers
  • 30 translations



Amaya acts like a web editor is a popular tool for creating and updating document via online itself. Amaya is an open source and free utility tool. They have lot of showcase with some of them includes web technologies in a complete featured environment for client editing and remote access variables. The best part of this web browser is that it is covered with W3C Software Notice and License, making the browser to be more handy to use. This browser is mainly used for test bed services including for the new web technologies which are yet to be supported by any of the browser. The features of Amaya are

  • Web pages editor
  • Add styles, graphics and math expressions
  • Manipulate complexes web pages
  • XHTML features
  • Icons full of esthetics



Midori also comes under the list of light weight browser for Linux. It is a stand alone web browser which gives competition to all browsers due to its speed. The best part of this browser is that it hardly uses any of the system resources as it is integrated with GTK+ 2. The main specialty of this browser is that it act as a web kit engine which makes user to access the internet with maximum speed along with fewer resources. It also supports HTML5 on Youtube. Midori is always an ideal pick for Linux users since it provides extensible customizable interface. The features include

  • Full integration with GTK+2.
  • Fast rendering with WebKit.
  • Tabs, windows and session management.
  • Bookmarks are stored with XBEL.
  • Search box based on OpenSearch.
  • Custom context menu actions.
  • User scripts and user styles support.
  • Extensible via Lua scripts.



Epiphany is a Linux web browser for GNOME desktop. This browser ha made its GNOME components in such a way that the user now can concentrate only on web searches and its related content, by leaving browser settings and application on another side. In addition to these components, this browser also supoprts a clean elegant and better performance user interface that perfectly suits its GNOME components. The speed and elegant design of this browser makes it to stand alone in front of others. The features of Epiphany are

  • Security
  • Customizable user interface
  • Smart bookmarks
  • Extensions and plugins
  • Install Epiphany web browser in Ubuntu
  • Greasemonkey, the powerful add-on to run various user scripts
  • Ad Blocker, to block unwanted ads across Internet websites
  • Gestures, to enable mouse gestures
  • Page info, to view information about the current web page



Flock is one of the most popular web browser of the world. This browser performs all the function which other browser can do along with integration of different social media services like Facebook and Twitter. The browser has some additional features like Ubuntu MeMenu giving out some tough competition from its peer browsers. It include the following features

  • Good capability of sharing
  • Included RSS Reader directly in the browser menu
  • Very good adaptability
  • Lot of themes
  • Good integrated blog reader and editor
  • Security
  • Users can shares text, links, photos and videos.
  • The Media Bar allows users to preview views and photos content.
  • It includes feed reader compliant with Atom, RSS, and Media RSS feeds.
  • Support third party add ons and extensions,
  • Users can check their email through supported web-based email.


Opera is the most preferred web browser by people of the developed countries. It is a widely used browser with an internet application suite supporting on Mac, PC, and Linux. It consumes very low space while installing and it produces a numerous options for shortcuts and bookmarks to simplify web performance tasks. The best part for all the Opera users is that all plugins which comes in Mozilla can be used here as well. The features of Opera are

  • Crash recovery & Rewind
  • Page zoom & Instant back
  • Nicknames for collections of sites
  • Fit to window width
  • Reload every 30 seconds
  • Duplicate this tab & Verbal commands
  • Staying secure & Changing skins
  • Making web pages fit you browser window
  • Magnifying and shrinking pages
  • Saving and opening sessions
  • Blocking undesirable pop-up content
  • Faster navigation with mouse gestures
  • Improved YouTube video integration
  • Fixed various font-related issues
  • Fixed various stability issues
  • General bug fixes and improvement



Swiftfox is basically an improved version of Mozilla Firefox that has been built for users who wants to run Firefox with more faster than its actual speed. It is actually an optimized version for Mozilla Firefox and is based on the advanced version of Firefox Source code. Swiftfox is available in three different categories to download. The features of Swiftfox are

  • Optimized build of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Builds for both AMD and Intel processors
  • CPU architecture
  • Lower memory footprint
  • Bookmarks synchronized
  • Interface Customization



Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey is promoted to be all in one application web browser which has been developed by Community efforts. This web browser has specifically been made by Netscape and Mozilla and they continue to provide their support services and deliver high quality resources. It contains lot of resources including up-to-date browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and web development tools which makes users web experience easy and comfortable. It is mainly popular because of its speed and allows users to access wide variety of options available on the menu bar. The features included are

  • Both a WYSIWYG and text editor
  • Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
  • Includes a CSS validator
  • Built-in Web browser based on the Mozilla engine
  • Tabbed editing for multiple files
  • Supports Mail & Newsgroups
  • Supports Feeds and Blogs
  • Supports Multiple Accounts



Swiftweasel is similar to that of swiftfox, is an additional web browser that is optimized by Mozilla Firefox. This web browser is also built for AMD and Intel processors. The main difference between swiftfox and Swiftweasel is that it has a proprietary software license of an open source web browsing activity. This web browser uses its own customized settings. The other features included are

  • Bookmark buttons
  • Integrated search
  • Swiftweasel compiled
  • Intel and AMD: SSE2, SSE, SSE3, and MMX
  • Optimization specific build microprocessor architecture
  • Increased Security
  • Better protection from Buffer overflow attacks



Konqueror acts both as a web browser and a file manager which is powered by KHTML rendering engine. It is relatively one of the most prefered and advanced file manager for KDE. It is also an open sources web browser that mainly supports Java applets, JavaScript, CSS 1, CSS 2.1, CSS3 Netscape plugins, HTML5 and others activity. It automatically comes with some aweosme set of tools including ad blocker, automatic web page translation, user agent switcher, automatic image gallery creation, shell command panel, and many more. It include many more features like

  • Password Manager
  • Bookmarks Manager
  • Tabbed browsing and split views
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Adblock
  • Web page translation

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