Top 10 Best Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Tablet

Finally the wait has been over, now the Official Samsung galaxy Tab is here in India with a slight modification in the name from Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to now Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. The name doesn’t matter, however all the features are exactly the same in both of them.

Samsung has always been one of the most innovative company to release new brand products with excellent features along with revolutionary ideas in bringing the new Tablet in the market by making it to be the best till date in the market. Now we will be going to tell you how things will change with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Tablet.

Top 10 Best Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 offers the most clean and elegant look of theΒ  generation. We below list out the best Possible reason on Why one needs to get Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

1. Design View

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has been the most impressive Tablet having a perfect clean and sleek gadget offering all the features which many people desires for till date. It weight around 565 g, its more preferred these days by the people because it is more lighter than Apple iPad2. The thickness of both Apple iPad2 as well Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is almost the same but still Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has an edge with its cool and amazing look on the edges.

The Size of this Tablet is 256.7(Weight) x 175.3(Height) x 8.6(Depth) mm representing to be a quality Tablet. Infact Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has been designed so well that you could even hide it with a Pencil when it is made horizontally.

2. Processor Capability & Battery Powers

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has got 1GHz Dual-Core NVIDIA TEGRA 2 processing capabilities which would make this Tablet to be supportable to user with all kinds of excellent and high quality features for all kinds of applications.

The Battery consist of 7000mAh power which enables users to be live into music for upto 72 Hours continuously along with 9 Hours of continuous playback Videos. It provides the most and excellent combination of processing capabilities along with Awesome Battery powers.

3. Android 3.1 – Honeycomb Operating System

If you are looking for a Tablet which is smart enough just as capabilities then you are on the right track as Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 provides the world’s best Operating System installed with Android 3.1 Honeycomb. The best part of Android 3.1 Honeycomb is that, its specially designed for only Tablets that are going to rule over the market very soon.

It also provides you the best feature in doing multitasking work as it is powered with Honeycomb OS along with it also comes in Split vie activity enabling user to do multiple work simultaneously. So its most assured by everyone that the actions and user friendly experience with Apps is going to be much more better than the normal Apps. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 also provides you with the facility of accessing the Android Apps market where you could download many more available Android Apps.

4. Innovative Screen

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes with a great 10.1 Display screen which supports a bigger view for the user. This is also one of the most valid reason why the Gadget is named as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. However this tablet support 4-way rotation along with its immense 1280×800 WXGA TFT LCD screen which provides 149ppi(pixels per inch) graphics for high quality video watching.

5. Faster Web Browser

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes with both HSPA+ and WiFi access for people who likes to always get updates from the online world. It also provides a Dual-band support for your WiFi access along with an integrated Bluetooth 3.0 for more faster data transfer. It loads pages very fastly with the help of its supported Adobe Flash technology. If your supported internet connected is perfect then with this Tablet you will receive an internet speed of 21 Mbps while browsing.

6. Customization

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 gives you a nice hand on the customization process as it comes now complete with the entire suite of all kinds of Google Services like Gmail, Google Talk video chat, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Places, Google Navigation, and much more. The Tablet also provides you with the best feature on Live Panel by using the latest and the most preferred version of the TouchWiz and TouchWiz UX. Live Panel enables customizable Home Apps so you can now connect and access frequently your favorite content which will not only save much of your time but will also lead to more faster speed and better user Experience. The best part about Live Panel is that it provides updation with the Real Time Feed.

7. Social Grouping

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is famous for its immense power for providing convenience to Social networking websites and apps. Social Hub has always been the most part for people to choose an Tablet. This tablet provides you with the complete presence of being into the online virtual world all the time at all the places. It also provides you with real time access to almost all kinds of Social networking Group along with Email Box, Instant Messenger, Chat Tools and many more.

8. Camera & Audio & Video

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has Rear camera producing 3Mp Auto Focus snapshot facility along with 720p HD quality for video recording supporting quality HD video of 1080p playback with 30fp. The Rear Camera provides with an awesome LED flash which is so supportable and useful that you can even take pictures without worrying about the intensity of the light brightness or not. The front facing camera helps you to have a perfect video chat with others consisting of 2MP. This tablet comes with inbuilt audio and video Supporting Codec installed already for user convenience to play files of all various File Formats.

9. Productivity & Performance

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes with an inbuilt application of Polaris Office, with which you can now view, edit and create many other various types of documents and files including Word File, Excel File, PowerPoint Presentation, etc. The clipboard provided in the Polaris Office application allows you to store upto 20 beautiful images along with some texting work for better enhancement and productivity purposes.

One of the best part of this Application is that you will get an awesome screen as well where you can perform lot of tasks including image editing, video editing, video clipping, etc. with more advanced and accurate technology.

10. Fun & Entertainment

One of the best reason to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is pure Entertainment when you are free doing nothing or also in your boredom time. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 provides you the best services from Music Hub and Reader Hub when you want to live in the world of entertainment and fun. Music Hub comes with sensational music hearing as well downloading for all people. It also provides you the complete details of Album Details, Artists Details, Critic’s music and lots more. Reader Hub gives you access to millions of newspapers, magazines, books all around the world in various supported languages. It also provides the facility of zooming content, Font Increasing & decreasing so that the user can be comfortable with the Tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has the ability to provide full HD video consisting of 1080p playback at 30fps. With this you are also eligible to get Dual surround-sound speakers where iPad2 provides only one. for enhancing audio and video experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

[GALAXY Tab 10.1] Official Demo

Complete Comparison Between Apple iPad2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Top 10 Best Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 TabletImage from Gadget cage –

Following is the Quick review of all the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Looks & Style Loving the attractive Color and glossy looks. Designed with a beautiful Finish
Display & Screen 10.1-Inches Capacitive TFT Touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels
Operating System Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
Processor & GPU 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 Chipset Processor
Memory & Storage 32GB Internal Memory, Expandable MicroSD Card Support up to 32 GB
Camera & Photography 8 MP Camera with Auto-focus & LED Flash, 3264 x2448pixels
Front Camera 2 MP front facing camera
Video Recording HD Video Recording Support @ 1080p
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP & EDR
Network Support 2G, 3G with HSDPA@21 Mbps & HSUPA @ 5.76 Mbps
Other Features GPRS, GPS, EDGE, MicroUSB, Adobe Flash 10.1 Support


Our Personal Reason to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

We all know that iPad2 doesn’t posses many features as Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, while there are some more personal reasons of mine for which I have decided to move on to Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

  • Most of my time goes on in traveling to various parts of the countries, searching, surfing for inspiration along with getting some extra knowledge from people. While mostly i use Laptop to perform all my tasks but with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, I would be privileged to use it at my convenience without being having to carry too much load of a laptop. I am sure that “Life is Going to Change as what people state as Perfect“.
  • We all live in modern world, where Gadgets always plays an important role in anyone life. Though PC, Desktop, Laptop are integral part of our life but the all new Generation says “It’s Time for Tab“, so as me too.
  • People like me are addicted to Social Networking, Messaging, Emails and all such things, since i am into a Web Developing Industry which requires me to perform these actions at regular interval of time. Therefore Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 would be best to get all the live action all the time.
  • I like to find my own Directions to my life, so as the same for my way on finding various locations. Currently I have to use Google Maps from the Laptop, but with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Google Maps features, I expected to be more quicker than ever in finding locations.
  • While, the last reason for not Choosing an iPad2 is, with that I can only go on Showing off to my friends without adequate features. Its better to choose Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 with all the complete features along with its Classic look, more far better than iPad2.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) is available at a price for $499.99 and Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) is available at a price for $599.99.

So here are our Top 10 reason on why you should buy the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. What are yours ? Share with us in the commenting section below. If its useful we would surely add it in our blog. And do not forget, that It’s Time To TAB.

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