Top 10 Best Tips Twitter Creative Money making Killer ideas

Twitter is the most popular social networking website after Facebook and Google+. Faecbook and Google+ has both almost captured the market, but there are some vital ingredients which only Twitter poses. many people thinks that Twitter can’t be used as an effective tool for marketing and earning money.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site. These sites are gaining popularity as they allow people to market things at free of cost. There are various ways to earn money through such social networking sites.

Top 10 Best Tips Twitter Creative Money making Killer ideas


Idea 1: Direct Advertising

This is an easiest way to make some ready cash. All you need to do is to just write tweet in your own words with a sponsored link. But this is beneficial only if you have huge followers. Followers who really follow you for reading information and getting updates with your tweets which would really mean that whatever you write as tweets are Read and are retweeted within your extended network. If the list of followers goes on it would be of great use for you as many people will come to know about your product.


Idea 2: Monetizing Twitter Profile Background

Another utilized way to make money through Twitter is to position an ad on the background of your twitter profile. This is commonly used by many companies for advertising their brand of products. This ad publicizes the company, so you can set limits on how long you want to keep the ad, and how much will it cost for that. By using this service you can set the price of product that you want to sell.


Idea 3: Personal Bio

In your Twitter profile, you will find bio; it is one of the areas of your profile. This is the place where you place a few personal details. It is probable to utilize this area of Twitter to plug up different product messages. You can simply insert sales messages into the bio area. But company’s permission is a major thing to realize before publishing it. By doing this they will be paying you for publicizing their product.


Idea 4: Redirecting Services

While we click some link in a site they would be directing you to another site. But before that site loads an ad pops up. This is known as redirect service. This is commonly known as pay per impression.  In most cases they pay by the 1,000th’s impression.


Idea 5: Finding Sponsors

Using twitter it is always possible to find for a good sponsorship from a company or from an institution. In your Twitter page, try to get a good number of quality followers. Once you have a gratify count, you can then request for sponsorship through a tweet or you can approach the company directly. Once you’ve got sponsorship then you’re ready to make some hard cash. This is can be in the form of posting ads, etc.


Idea 6: Tweeting Affiliate Links

This is one of the popular ways to get going with the cash making. Also this is a way to sell affiliate products through your tweets. If you are more famous among your community then you could have a chance to linking some of the affiliate links for products and this would turn out to be a good conversion in terms of sale that are recommended by you. Posting affiliate links for buying products is one of the oldest method but still its very much effective to generate revenue till this day.

So by tweeting link to the affiliate product page you can get high commission on each sale depending on the product. Just make sure that you are selling quality products and not poor quality as it will affect your credibility for future affiliate sales


Idea 7: Build a Brand

By tweeting you can eventually build a brand for your company. Your Twitter account can be used to build a brand and promote a particular product or item. Tweeting your brand name and asking people to follow it is an old idea now. There are many other ways also to build an excellent brand. In this time of tweet for money, you could even imagine to be that product creating its own tweets. This is one of the popular format for brand-building products. This is one of the incentives why every business owner should have their own blog.


Idea 8: Professional Twitterer

Professional Twittering directs employee like direct advertising but the whole tweet profile becomes an advertisement use, since then people might not want to visit is any further. Pro Twittering is almost similar to normal one, but instead of inserting advertisements into your personal tweets, user actually tweets about product review so that fast conversions can be made. Some companies will offer you money also for tweeting reviews on their products, or by setting up a tweet account on behalf of a business.


Idea 9: Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends is something like a tend, which changes everyday so you must be ready to optimize everything on your profile. There are several other topics as well that are been searched by the people over and over again on the internet. Be it is logo designing, web designing, offering SEO assistantance, web maintenance or whatever it is, it can help to better promote your service through out the web to finding more potential customers who can significantly increase your income.


Idea 10: Make Invaluable Connections

Last but not the least all famous celebrities and major superstar and cricketers are also making use of Twitter. You can learn a whole lot of things from them. As many of them are more successful in their field than you are right now leading a simple way to brighten your future. Twitter provides many invaluable connections to follow celebrities and many other popular people. There exist a totally different world out there; all you have to do is just find the right people to make connections to. This is simple for following them and getting all sort of new ideas everyday from them.

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