Top 10 Best Useful Nokia Mobile Popular Ovi Store Apps

Nokia has been the best company ever in terms of mobile phones. With the addition of Nokia Ovi Store, the company has been even more rocking. Nokia’s Ovi store is a collection of around 1.7 million download records. Some of the top and best apps that have been recorded are listed as follows

Top 10 Best Useful Nokia Mobile Popular Ovi Store Apps


Grocery is an application which gives you direct access to TESCO online global purchasing site. This particular app allows Nokia handset owners to shop online via their respective devices. This application also possesses a search engine which allow user to search for other applications. This application also has a facility to link with existing online account so that user can utilize it for purchasing products online and put it in your shopping cart and go for shopping sitting at home or at any place.


Opera mobile 10

Opera is the famous browser especially for mobile phones. Opera has released the beta of opera mobile 10 for Nokia and other Symbian series handsets. It is the latest version of the browser and enabled with the speed dialing and tabbed browsing. This browser has been released after fixing many bugs in the preceding versions. The browser also works with the touch screens. It is mainly used by various users as this application is very user friendly and easy to use.


Wellness Diary Beta

Wellness Diary helps you to build healthy habits into your daily routine in many areas – diet, exercise, sleep, stress etc. It is the best application which allows anyone to record their daily routine physical activity. Using this application you will probably be able to lead a healthier life. This is one of the app which enables you to track different variables in various forms. It also enables to track how many hours sleep you are having, the food you are eating and any smoking and drinking habits.


Nokia Situations

Nokia Situations helps your device tie more into your life. You can manually define situations, like “In a meeting”, “Sleeping”, “Watching TV”, or “Playing with kids” and define how you want the device to act. With the application running in the background, your device automatically senses the situation you are in and adapts to it according to your preferences. This app is specifically designed for heavy duty persons – those who want to use their phone in all places but with different attitude. This app with the name situations helps a lot its users by simply learning new things from the user mood and behavior. This actually works according to the settings of phone in different time and situation.


Sports Tracker

This is an application for recording sporting activities for all sport types (e.g. cycling, running, swimming or tennis). It provides exercise overviews and the creation of statistics. Users of heart rate monitors can display and organize the recorded exercise data. This application is fully featured which uses GPS in your phone to keep track of your running, cycling, walking etc. It also includes various other facilities including measuring of step count on the respective heart beats. This application provides you the best facility to keep your body fit all time.


Speereo Voice Translator

This is an ideal application for people who constantly travel. It contains of over 4000 phrases of each in 16 languages and many other useful features. This app is designed for symbian and windows mobile users. This app consists of seven parts: 1.Multilanguage Voice Translator 2.Travel guides 3.City event guides 4.Online flight Timetable and status 5.Oline weather forecast 6.World time 7.Online currency rates viewer and calculator.


Nokia Photo Browser

Nokia Photo browser application provides you the best facility of viewing your photos with pleasing visual effects. It has a group of rectangle when opened on your mobile phones. This will soon start to populate with your photos, though, and what’s great is that you can scroll photos in any direction you want. This application also poses the facility of magnifying images when viewed.


Goal Mobile Reader

Goal Puts The World On Your Mobile. This application allows you to get and stay connected to the world of sports all time. It provides live scores, play-by-play details, 24/7 news coverage, teams and players playing on the current game. Goal opens on a breaking news screen which is constantly updated all the time. It is very quick and responds immediately to its user.


Dictionary and Translation Pro

This application provides access to an extensive online English dictionary and translation service supporting a wide set of languages including Hindi, French, Arabic, Spanish and much more. The excellent features of dictionary are constantly updated by professionals. With this application in your phone you will never be deployed of any words. This is a very effective application using which you can learn a lot from it.


Nokia Point & Find

This is one of the most useful apps for business purpose. It can also recognize bar codes and integrates GPS positioning technology to provide users with the relevant detailed links. You can point to any object and get information about it from that. It is also possible to get information about any particular location.

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