Top 3 Best Android Wallpaper Changing Phone Apps

Wallpapers make phones attractive. Animated wallpapers are rising in fame among youths. In today’s world the wallpapers can be made to roll on a motion sensor phones. The wallpapers are meant to show the look of a device with perfect views as desired by users. Since wallpapers for android phones are most talked about we provide you 3 best wallpaper changing application for android phones.

Top 3 Best Android Wallpaper Changing Phone Apps

Wallpaper Switch

Many people want to change their wallpaper every day. Wallpaper switch is a better option for them.  Wallpaper Switch solves this by automatically displaying wallpapers from the site GoodFon. Although, the other wallpaper is shown at random, but you are not at all left without any control. You can also decide how frequently you would like to change the wallpaper.

You can also select a category of wallpaper that you want to display. You will never know in which order they appear on your screen. This app works with Android 2.1 and higher versions.


Wallpaper Changer

This software is sure to attract ever android user. Wallpaper Changer allows you to select photos from a desired folder or album and change the wallpaper dynamically with a single click on a widget or set a timer to automatically change your wallpaper at a predefined time. And make sure about switching and then changing will grab the looks of display.

Wallpaper Changer does not use up memory when not in use, so it saves battery life and optimizes performance. It also works well with the higher versions of Android phones.


Wallpaper Change At

This software allows you to create wallpapers that can be used as a reminder (like birthday notes of your loved ones). Most other wallpaper switchers for Android operate over an active internet connection, automatically downloading and applying random wallpapers after regular intervals.

Wallpaper Changer’s allows you to choose your own home screen background queue, which makes it a welcome addition to the Android Market. The wallpaper will automatically discard the feature after a specific time period. This creates a good way of remember things on time. And it always keeps you close to the memories of your loved ones.

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    thanks for this, with these apps its really easy switching of wallpapers.

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