Top 3 Best Must Stages on Mastering Professional Content SEO

The written word, you have seen it, you have created it and you even spread it online. But to make a particular content be more effective and be of use to you, be sure you know the three different stages to make your content or article turned into quality words that people would love to consume.

If you want to know more about the three stages and further information about each one, read on. Here are the three stages:

Top 3 Best Must Stages on Mastering Professional Content SEO


This is where the content needs to be discovered first before someone else can read it. How to do this? When you already have posted an article, a blog or any content online, what you need to do is promote it. You can do this through social bookmarking, pinging, posting links on Twitter and Facebook, etc. This will let the word spread on the world of Internet that content has just been posted.



Once the public has discovered that there is a blog, article or content just recently published online, then it will now be ready to be consumed by visitors and readers. When they click the link as they discovered it on social networking and bookmarking sites, they will be directed to the URL where the content is posted (originally). If it interests them, they will read it from start to finish. This is where consumption of the content takes place.



When a person is satisfied or find something of help or use, he will then share it with his friends and network. This is where retweeting, reposting of the link of Facebook and other social networking sites takes into the picture. This is the art of sharing. If you come to think of it, you did not spend a single dime in order to pay a satisfied reader to spread the word about your article, blog or content. It was done out of his own will and it’s free advertisement for you.


Bottom Line

You need to create quality content and post or publish it online. Necessary steps need to be undertaken for your content to be discovered, consumed and shared by the public. Content is good as nothing if nobody will read it. Therefore, as much as possible you need to make your content be interesting and informative. Stay away with spreading crap article, blog or content online. This will do no good to you.

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