Top 3 Best Reasons how why Fantastico damage Blog Brand Image

What you do when you want to install a wordpress or any other blogging or any other scripting tools. Most blogger purely depends on Fantastico to update their blogs Plugins and other blogging real time tools as well. However this article is not about how fantastico is used to install a script, but its all about how a fantastico can damage your blog image.

Below are the best three problems which are going to be discussed today and which have been faced by many users in the recent past too. Today we will only deal about the fantastico part and about its damages done to the blogs.

Top 3 Best Reasons how why Fantastico damage Blog Brand Image

Although Fantastico keeps growing and proved to be a time saver concept, but it can be used by people in the following cases only:

  • If you use multiple plugins, custom theme and actually trying to make your blog more interactive and engaging for your readers…
  • If you want to KNOW how WordPress works and be able to solve the problem as they come up…
  • If you plan to become a self-relying blogger…

If you don’t know how to tackle any one of the above points, then using Fantastico can damage your Blog Image and Brand too….

If you are not an expert in the above listed points then you must check out the reasons why we say no to Fantastico.

False Sense of Security

In the modern fast world, who doesn’t want to create and setup wordpress with some few information filling out and few clicks and your wordpress Blog is ready.

This kind of pure simplicity makes a huge difference. In fact this simplicity alone perhaps responsible for allowing hundreds on technical novices to put their own WordPress blog on the web in a matter of minutes.

In real sense, Upgrade of WordPress through Fantastico is an ABSOLUTE EVIL! It might work for you once without any glitch, twice or however many times it might be but there will come a time when you click that Upgrade button only to learn few minutes later that your blog is been damaged.

Upgrade Process left out incompletely

Note that during the upgrade process access to your blog may not work for your visitors. You may consider a plugin like Maintenance Mode.

Please note above the recommendation for Maintenance Mode and Deactivation of plugins. While I know for 100% that Maintenance Mode plugin is not part of default install and you have to get it in and activate.

To make matters even worst – bad plugin might make your blog completely unavailable for login to admin interface and deactivate the offender! And since you made a decision to AVOID learning more about your platform of choice – more then likely you have no clue that solution is as simple as navigating through cPanel File Manager (or via FTP client) to /wp-content/plugins/ and simply renaming the plugin that throws errors to effectively deactivate it!

No Plugins & Themes are Updated

This is the last point I want to make and yet its importance should NOT be overlooked. As I have mentioned above major upgrade, the upgrade of WordPress doesn’t include updation of Plugins and Themes, which in turn is again a headache for the Blog Admin.

Cool article. Isn’t it? You may not agree with me or you may agree with me. But this is what i have found out with my research. We are sure you liked it. Do share your experience here. Do share your comments.

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