Top 3 Best Unique Creative Blog Post Types

Owning and maintaining a blog is not at a simple task to perform. If you are the owner of any blog, then you must be realizing that its really important to keep blog live with fresh contents continuously and consistently. It is always important to keep your blog audience live to your blog only.

So for whatever reason you are blogging, either for fun or for making money, one thing that you need to pay lot of attention is the freshness of your blog so the readers keep coming back.

Top 3 Best Unique Creative Blog Post Types

Below are certain types of blog posts that can make you’re your blog fresh and interesting.

The ‘QUICK TIPS’ Blog Post.

These are great short posts “in between” other posts. They are generally very short, up to 100 to 150 words. They contain thoughts and ideas that you might want to share with your audience but doesn’t fully satisfy the required words to be justified as a full separate blog. For instance, you can always post something about “tips on eating less when hanging out”. This can be a great Quick Post for dieting blog.


The ‘HOW TO’ Blog Post

These are vice versa of Quick posts. The “How To” posts are detailed and consists of complete information about your Niche. You will have to provide audience with complete detail and information about the niche you are talking about in these posts. These posts might even have different parts and can be completed in 3 to 4 parts.


The ‘REVIEW’ Blog Post

These are very important and attractive posts for blog. Review blog Post provides your audience with ideas about different products which can be of great value to them. Review posts can be given on any topic; it can be a review of certain product or even review of any other blog.

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