Top 3 Online Resources for Reading Android Apps Reviews

Android market is being a boom within the markets at present. Users are trying to eye out eminence android applications but have not been successful. There is an online app store commenced by Google which clearly brings upon the description of android marketplace; applications can be downloaded which were built by the android operating system.

Upgrading of the applications can be doing with viewing of sites. Three ways of online resources to being known about android applications are:

Top 3 Online Resources for Reading Android Apps Reviews

Android App Storm

Basically android app storm is a journal providing the information of the android application. It depicts the uses of the application; making of application in which forms and also describes about user friendly. The journal provides the android pictures and interfacing of it. The uses of different forms such as moving, turning are all described within the journal. The cryptography works can also be initiated with the app storm.


Android tapp

Android tapp is one of those journals being best recommended at the present scenario. It describes the uses of various application built in by the android operating system in a well organized way. Journal in the site keeps on updating with new forms of uses of applications in compare to the already represented application. Even queries are discussed and specimens are provided in a brief manner to make user understand it function.


Life of android

This is a journal providing all the information of android. The comments are being given as suggestion to the queries and ratings are in simple and smallest way for it.  The user uses can also see the functionalities of it within the video. The video description is not present in many of the journals where users sometimes on description purchase and use and find it unlikely. This journal provides all the features through videos on which u can be destined to think upon it. There are some applications which are free of cost and some require amount to it. So it’s a really creative journal for the users to embody with it.

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  1. July 29, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    mine one is life of andriod , have explored couple of times and found best for me.

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