Top 4 Must Webmaster Excellent Tips for Web Designing

Web designing is one of the most crucial part of any website. If the design is attractive and impressive, it will tempt the new visitor to come again and again. Moreover, a good web design will ensure that the visitor stays on the page for a time that is sufficient for a possible conversion action.

Web designing is a very important part of web development. If done correctly and proficiently, it can help a webmaster to truly master the art of web development. This article is aimed at providing the webmasters with some basic yet important tips regarding the web design component. Web design is important as it allows for easy navigation and leaves an immediate impression on the mind of the visitor.


Top 4 Must Webmaster Excellent Tips for Web Designing

Protection of valuable content

This is essential as a lot of content that is uploaded but not intended to be accessed by everybody is available on a website. Hackers utilize such content and cause a lot of trouble. It is, therefore, essential that multiple files are not uploaded as a single one including headers and everything. Some files are more important than others and must be properly protected to avoid any misuse.


Avoid URL spaces

Spaces are a hindrance when it comes to choosing URL’s. Although there cannot be a space in a URL speaking in strict technical terms but these are replaced by 20%. However, a few of the older browsers are not able to view such pages cutting off a good number of your potential visitors. Moreover, search engines sometimes are unable to recognize URL’s with spaces in them. This can lower your rank significantly. In fact, it can potentially wipe you webpage off competition with others.

Avoiding use of underscores in URL’s

Underscores are usually considered as a signal to merge two words by search engines. This is undesirable when the two words are separate key words for your page. To avoid such a situation, it is suggested that keywords must be separated in a URL by using hyphens instead of underscores.


See for yourself how your webpage looks

Yes, become your own judge. Look at your webpage through the eyes of a visitor. Try using it from all possible browsers to see where your webpage is lacking. Various browsers operate differently and hence can make your webpage appear different as well. Look at it well enough and make sure that it is suitable for all browsers.

We hope that the above information has succeeded in giving you adequate assistance regarding the important task of web designing. Following these tips, you can become one of the best webmasters ever. Do Comment on this article about your views on these tips.

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