Top 4 Popular Plugins to try for Best Problem solving

Problem are the best part of our life. Its the problems which give us opportunity to find the answers. In web marketing also there are many problems faced by bloggers and webmasters. So we being you some of the best plugins to solve your problem.

It is more difficult to search for the plugin which actually solves our problem in reality. In this post we are going to share with you 4 Problem solving WordPress plugins that are worth having on your blog. we are sure these plugins are must for every blog and we are looking forward to hear your comments.

Top 4 Popular Plugins to try for Best Problem solving

TinyMCE Advanced

If ever you have had to switch from the WordPress Visual Editor, to either Frontpage or Dreamweaver, simply because the WordPress editor did not have the functionality that you required, then read on, this article will definitely make life easier for you budding editors.

WP Chunk

WP-Chunk is a plugin for WordPress that automatically shortens URLs within comments so they don’t break your site design. This prevents most sites using fixed width from being broken when a long url is included in a comment.


WP-DBManager manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup, drop / empty tables & run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of  backing up and also optimizing of database.

No Self Ping

WordPress sends pings to your own site when you link to other posts on your blog internally! This appears as a pingback on the post you have linked to, in the comments section. While it makes it easier to leave a trail of inter-related posts, most of us find this feature of WordPress quite absurd!

Have you used these Plugins ever? how much you rate this plugin ? what are your views on this plugin. Do comment on this article about your views.

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