Top 5 Best Common Popular Applications for Linux Ubuntu

The Linux Ubuntu is one of the open source Operating System platform independent. In today’s generation we make interaction with friends, families and others via intranet. The Major Applications used by several of the users are messengers, typical Multi performer browsers and others.

Below are the important four best applications being used in vast.

Top 5 Best Common Popular Applications for Linux Ubuntu

1. E-mail

People being far from there friends and relatives use this source to send letters or information via an email. In Ubuntu its client is inbuilt. Mostly it tells to use various Mozilla created browsers to get several features which are been not yet defined in others. Mostly I using Mozilla Thunderbird, felt a lot difference between some other browsers and Mozilla.

It provides way of having calendar mergers. Even some times users or developers feel to check the moniker of HTML which other can’t detail about.

2. Web Browser

People surf internet in today’s world via developed browsers. The inbuilt and most suited browser given by the Ubuntu is Mozilla browser. This is a primary browser as many functions are imparted within it. It allows downloads to be done quicker; when user busy with work, can pause and exit from the browser and can download the same file from where it stopped.

This downloading feature and quicker is best in Mozilla rather than those using Google chrome where if you are busy; and exit from the browser; the downloading file gets canceled and next time when you want to resume; you need to restart the file download from initial point which is a disadvantage.

3. Instant Messaging

People in day today’s modern world are chatting with friends and families staying afar using messaging software’s. There is much software for them. But using a Multifunctional is the better option. I have been using trillian and icq software; which are multiple typed software and makes faster connectivity with anyone at any place.

This is increasing within time periods as developers building more to intermediate Google talk and others within one software.

4. Media Players

There are many media players created which can play videos and other files of any format. For this open source operating system, I suite for banshee. This banshee is such a media player which is inbuilt within Ubuntu and can play any extreme files which many media players can’t even do. It can also play or run applications present within iPod and other devices.

Thus including many features in only a single media player gives you more options which most of the other platform media players don’t.

5. Media Sharing

Media sharing has become the most common type of sharing files across another system.  However Linux Ubuntu comes with a special applications where one can actually restrict the things which are been shared by other people in form of resources.

You also have the privilege to allow people to see what you are sharing with friends on network based framework.

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