Top 5 Best Killer ideas to Make Money with Twitter

Twitter is the most popular site on the internet. Infact it’s the third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook. It has become an easy way to market things with Twitter on the internet. We can make money using Twitter with internet in various ways, some of them are:

Top 5 Best Killer ideas to Make Money with Twitter

Idea 1: Direct Advertising

This is a finest way of making some rapid cash. You may have already heard about service like Sponsored Tweets or They both work the same way. All you need to do is to just write tweet in your own words with a sponsored link. Before joining these types of services we suggest you to enhance or increase the number of followers to your site the only reason is that many company have certain prerequisite such as followers count, follower to friend ratio, and the list goes on.


Idea 2: Monetizing Twitter Profile Background

This is another utilized way to make money through Twitter is to position an ad on the background of your Twitter Profile. It is an approach much used by companies that want to broadcast and develop their brand. This ad publicizes the company, so you can set limits on how long you want to keep the ad, and what the charges will be. Using twittad service you can just set price you want to sell your space and the tool do the rest.


Idea 3: Personal Bio

In your Twitter profile, you will find bio; it is one of the areas of your profile. This is the place where you place a few personal details. It is probable to utilize this area of Twitter to plug up different product messages. You can simply insert sales messages into the bio area. But company’s permission is a major thing to realize before publishing it. Of course, and they may offer you a sum to plug their products on your profile.


Idea 4: Redirecting Services

You must have visited several sites and may have found some links and on clicking they redirect you to the appropriate site; before it reaches the destined site an ad opens for few seconds. Or should I say Cost per Impression. This method of monetizing is probably the least seen. If your profile is traffic heavy and in a place like sports entertainment, that has low cost per click rates, and then CPM is the correct method. In most cases they pay by the 1,000th’s impression.


Idea 5: Finding Sponsors

Everyone has some kind of social networking pages; it is possible to try for sponsorship from a company or business using Twitter or Facebook account. In your Twitter page, try to get a good number of followers. Once you have a gratify count, you can then request for sponsorship through a tweet or you can approach the company directly. Once you’ve got sponsorship then you’re ready to make some hard cash.


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