Top 5 Best long lasting Unique Blog impression Career Tips

Blogging is one of the best methods to publicize your blog or website. Blogging gives you a chance to get exposed to another blog’s audience and can impress a large traffic of potential loyal visitors. Blogging play an important role in internal marketing strategy. Depending upon the size of the blog, you can also go for guest posting to get some exposure with another type of audience on some other blog. This guest posting results in one or two days of high traffic which will lead to improvement in your ranking position.

Some of the Blog posts can also bring new visitors from hundred to thousands or even more. This is really nice traffic for beginners, but not too good for very new blog. Often when your blog is not ready for new traffic, then you may turn off those visitors who were interested in learning your blog.

Top 5 Best long lasting Unique Blog impression Career Tips

The main advantage of writing up a blog is the popularity that one get from its niche’s people. Reputation will build up for your niche, increase in potential search engine traffic for your Blog are some of its advantages. However there are many more other things which help to leave a long lasting impression on readers minds in terms of quantity, quality, design and much more.

Include Free offers

In this valuable, expensive world, people love things for free. Hence to fetch the e-mail address of the visitors this can really help you. Offer free e-book for new visitors or free wordpress themes or any other product available which can be offered for free to visitors. A side bar at the corner can work as magic.

A block to enter email address and providing free stuffs will increase the traffic and regular visitors for your blog. Display your offer clearly (and the worth of the product which you are providing for free), which will attract people and make the subscribing process simpler, instead of asking for many queries. For more Free Offers, Discounts and Giveaways, you can check out our Partner Website – Freebiesbuzz which deals with free stuffs online.


Content in your Blog

Blogging is a place to share your experience and deliver knowledge. Hence the content in your blog play an important role. Make sure your blog has enough content for visitors to check out. Lack of content can make your blog appear empty which might disappoint visitors and reducing the number of visitors to your blog too.

Normally blogger mainly focus on Content, its just because they knew exactly that SEOing and link sharing and bookmarking will help them for shorter period of time but Quality content will always them in their long run.

Place the most impressive content on the homepage screen and a list of old article at the corner. The headline of the article acts as the main attraction. The headline only can inspire a person to read the article. Hence the headline should be as attractive as the home page .Have your best article as the most recent one. Headlines like “How to”, ”tips and tricks” and “Top 5” are the attractive phrase for the headline.


Introduction of your blog

Once if the visitors will find your page interesting the second thing the user will look for is “About the Blog” so have a well-crafted introduction page. People like real persons; they will be interested to know who is behind the blog. Hence put down all the points about what you do? Who are you? Your goals and desire etc. Make sure the “About page” is interesting and presented in a good manner.

Have a tab of this page at the corner of you home page and also have an option called Author which should be connected to the homepage. So this will make many visitors know about you, include a photograph if possible. The about page should also include your past as well as future plans regards to your blog. You can also integrate a contact us form along with About Us page so that if any readers or visitors would like to share something to you then it would be easy for him as well.


Social media integrated to your blog

It’s the era of social networking; therefore each and every individual is active in all social networking sites like twitter, facebook and other micro-blogging websites. By integrating the share buttons linked to facebook and twitter can help you publicize your blog.

You should not miss such an opportunity of publicizing your page. Encourage people to click the button and instead of closing your post tell visitors where they can follow you in twitter and facebook. Social media always plays a major role in bringing your quality to the whole world. These are various plugins as well as manual code available for integrating the social widgets to the blog or site.


Blog design

It is said that High loading time and non-friendly design can bounce back the traffic of your blog. A person should feel comfortable in the particular page to stay and go through your articles. Hence before guest posting make sure your blog has a very simple and easy design theme and good loading time which doesn’t challenge visitor’s patience. These tips can definitely help you in guest posting and in increasing the traffic.

A good blog design should contains appropriate theme, as well as simple and custom graphics with widgets. If you are going to make your blog as High color blog then nobody would love to visit you because everybody likes to see simple design. Of course you can use your creativity and redefine those simple structures into much elegant look.

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