Top 5 Best Open Source Developer, Programmer, Designer Software

In this new era of emerging open source software the developers, designers and programmers are looking for innovative kind of softwares. Mainly beginners who are entering in competitive market can go with these kinds of softwares. So here are top 5 and best open source software for designers, programmers, and developers.

Open source is now termed to be trade mark now, who claims ownership for numerous groups. It is prominent software example for open source development, user-generated content or open contents movements.

Top 5 Best Open Source Developer, Programmer, Designer Software


Web designers and programmers consider this as powerful editor software. Programming languages and markup language are supported by bluefish. Bluefish easily edits coding scripts, CSS and much more. It has many features like light weight, fast, multiple document interfaces, and works efficient. For those are earning bluefish has became an excellent “production tool” with licensed GPL.


Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus is one of the best choice of today’s advanced web designers. It is world’s biggest provider of hosting for open source software development projects. Quanta plus has other name called quanta which is an integrated development environment (IDE). It has various features like project management, HTML and XML support, script language support, CSS support, templates , extensibility, and plug-in.



Jedit is a best text editor for programmer’s runs under GNU general public license version 2.0. It has built macro language extensible plug-in architecture. Dozens of macros and plug-in are available. Jedit single and excellent java based application. It has various features like syntax highlighting, file formatting, code folding, and other scripts language.



Selida is one of best HTML editor which is use to make web pages. It is a WYSIWYG which is best editor and is engineered by amaryllis that has multiple offers. Selida is available in format like editors on the web, some are free and some are shareware. Selida comes with high end features with perceptive interface, and best thing is that it is available for free.


Aptana is one of the famous in making web application development which uses programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and python. Aptana is best in HTML/JavaScript editor with advanced features. It has excellent python development support, its professional version has IDE support. Aptana studio is based on the eclipse and is available as Mac OS X, Microsoft windows, and Linux or as a plug-in for eclipse.

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