Top 5 Best Things making ‘HTC Incredible S’ a Great Smartphone

There are many Smartphone within the market. HTC Incredible S phone has lot of features and make your life easier by getting in cheaper and have lot of applications to make your things known within seconds in ease. The phone has inbuilt applications and also some application which really classes the phone at higher values.

The features and its qualities will describe all of it in ease. Those features are described below as follows:

Top 5 Best Things making ‘HTC Incredible S’ a Great Smartphone


The shape is big and it is of 4.3 inch frame, it looks a large in palms when it comes in respect to many other mobile phones. The shape is slimy and nice with exquisite backend support which is led through a rubber form. The rubber backend protect a firm touch to the phone and its touch is also good in the phone respectively.


This feature is a lot better in this phone, providing good clarity of picture through it. It has a 8 megapixel camera with an led sensor touches, which leads to a clarity of high defined picture to be found within the mobile itself. Even videos can be played of any forms of high defined quality through it.

HTC Sense

This sense really is cool and firm for the HTC mobile. It really creates firm movement of the scroll over any applets present within your windows and you can access them in faster views. This sense such a one which adds a little power to the movement and tidy staying within the windows itself.


This touch screen mobile has so much features that you will not stop in picking up this phone at the first start. With its random features like, camera, screen faster touch, with nice applications to make you get stuffs in ease, are coolest stuffs provided and lastly the firm handle given as a rubber at its backend will really make you feel comfort with it.


The screen is a feather touch and nice in visual with a 4 inch modular form. It looks too nice to have it in hand, with its nice touch and keypad screen. All is that it is a best phone to visualize high definition videos through it in ease.

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  1. September 25, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    HTC makes great hardware and the Sense interface on their Android phones is good too. I love my HTC Inspire, even though it’s not as high end as other Android phones.

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