Top 5 Best Tips & ways to Access Blocked Sites

There are many website which are been unable to accessed by the users in institutions. There are pointers or tricks you can follow to break this barricade and open the sits which are been blocked up.

The prominent option is said as to be accessing via proxy. Sometimes due to windows firewall, those proxy sites still are blocked. Here are certain ways to open blocked sites such as:

Top 5 Best Tips & ways to Access Blocked Sites

Use of Search Engine’s Cache

Many users might be using internet or intranet but they might be not verified to cache. Cache is nothing but a temporary storage area where many pages of the websites are kept. Many other sites such as Google, yahoo, and sify keep there related pages within the caches. So copying this pages present in cache pertain to opening of blocked sites.


Use of IP addresses instead of URLs

All the sites presented have ip addresses and URL name with them. Many time sites get blocked while accessing through URL’s due to lists of various sites. So using of ip address can directly make you access with the sites which were blocked. You can take a note of ip address as and all. Like these, all URL names are corresponded with ip address and so better way to open blocked sites is ip address.


Reclaim web pages via E-mail

There are many Webpages linking presented within emails. There is web2mail site where you have all links of websites. Just when you seem that you cannot access to the sites you have thought upon; mail to the id of and it will provide all the necessary details easily.


Disguise via Screenresolution

Screenresolution is an also good site to open the sites which are being blocked. This site opens differently and can even open very formats of the pages created, so blocked sites can be opened in the proper ways.


Proxy sites

There are proxy sites which can enable you open blocked sites. You need to just enter the site name within a toolbox present within the site and enter; it will lead to the desired page you wanted. It also a perfect to access the blocked site.

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