Top 5 Excellent Best PHP Developer learning Tips or Guides

PHP has been the most common programming language of this century. As most people are now entering into the web developing field where there is much larger scope is available. PHP is an emerging skill for young budding developers.The most popular Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress and Drupal enables the use of PHP scipting as their framework.

This would also mean that most developers can actually customize the code, provided if they are skilled and excellent in the framework. So we bring you the best of 5 tips for PHP learning budding developers in guiding them to an expert level from beginner step.

Top 5 Excellent Best PHP Developer learning Tips or Guides

Advance Preparation

Once you have decided to learn PHP, you have to make sure that you get prior knowledge of programming. It is this knowledge in programming and experience whic will help you go more far better with the basic procedures like building, testing and troubleshooting. Additionally many of the developer always likes to use dual screen, where on one side of the screen PHP code is displayed to work on and on the other side of the screen a tutorial is ready to get ahead.


Own Creativity Codes

PHP is a web developing scripting language which allows you to use their own default codes as well as you can also create your own code. If you are a beginner in developing field, then most of the developers would recommed you to use the default or free template code and, try and editing a template. This is just because, initially to help developers on the beginner stage in PHP. But once you have reached a moderator level, it is always expected that you make your own PHP code to avoid confusion in copyrighting problems as well as tension of editing a custom template. This will also make sure that you become an expert level PHP developer in future if you are enable to use your own creative codes.


Practice, Practice, and Practice

For many of the people who are already developer in some or the other scripting language, may feel it easy to learn PHP since its almost smilar to other scripting server side language. But for beginners into this field, its important to get more usual practice to allow yourself to get complete connected to PHP, as most of the time small erros can damage your project a lot. Once you assure yourself the PHP syntax other than the scripting languages syntax, then you are getting ready for more expert level, but practice is always required in any of the level.


Help Discussion

You can ask for a help if you are not getting any of the solutions accordingly. The official PHP website offers number of solutions including a free online manual with almost all the answers to your questions which you might have come across till now in your learning journey. The official PHP group also allows several mailing list where you yourself can ask questions to any of the PHP developers or users. Along with this group, there also includes a number of online forums where experienced developers are willing to help you to make you strong in your long run. People have been part of your soutions in the forums, if you could explain them clearly about your questions.


Start Error Reporting Codes

As you move on with PHP more and more, you will get noticed that employing Error Reporting Codes has always been a better option to speed up the required process. An Error reporting code has been a best friends for most of the PHP developers. It is useful in situations where it would show you your mistakes, so that it becomes easy for you to retify and save your time along with saving up of much hectic work in searching out errors in the program.

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