Top 5 Excellent Reasons for Slow internet connection

Internet Connection is one of most important thing in the world for people who are constantly working on web developing, web designing, blogging, content writing and also for people who wants to stay connected with friends via a virtual world called social networking. And without it, life is almost impossible to look out.

A Slow internet connection will also disrupt the work leading to disturbance in minds of people. There are many other reasons why a particular internet connection is working slow.

Top 5 Excellent Reasons for Slow internet connection

Internet seems running slow lately, after doing some research, I have found 5 major reasons why do I have a slow Internet connection, let me share it with you:

Virus & Spyware Infected

They constantly consume my Internet bandwidth to send private information or establish a connection to the hacker’s computer. This will also enable to breach Windows firewall because a port has been open and used to allow the hacker to gain access to your computer anytime.


Hijacked Browser

These can be done by unauthorized BHO (Browser Helper Object), and using the bandwidth to send your privacy data to the hacker.


No Optimization for Browser

This is the most common thing happening, the browser is not completely  optimized, too many checking for fancy features delays the security authentication and optimization, one always wishes to use a fastest browser than secured one!!!


Windows or router is not compatible

This is the major cause in most of the cases, causing extra overheads and slow down internet access dramatically. If you have a router older than 2 years, there is a great chance your router is not compatible, prepare to replace it.


Low Bandwidth from Internet Service Provider

you can always use some bandwidth testing website to verify the actual bandwidth you have, most ISP already provided such service, just look for the bandwidth testing feature or ask them to check for you.

Hope these 5 reasons did help you determine the real cause behind the slow internet access and cure it easily. We wish you thanks for looking at this article. If you could find any other reason too then do comment and share with us.

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  1. August 5, 2011 at 12:22 am #

    The biggest reason people I know experience slowdowns is because of malware. People need to stop clicking on random things online with their out of date browsers.

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