Top 5 Popular Essential web developer Firefox addons

Firefox is one of the best available browser today for all platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac and almost all the rest as well. The most popular reason why Firefox is popular is because of its speed and quality addons. Firefox currently has millions of addons available which are for personal as well as professional work.

Today we are going to discuss about 5 excellent addons for web developers and web designers to increase their productivity and save time as well. Here’s the list go with

Top 5 Popular Essential web developer Firefox addons

Web Developer

It is one of the best and most widely used firefox plugin by web developers. It is apack of various tools and features which all web developers and web designers to improve their productivity. After installing this plugin you would get new toolbar which would contain various options such as CSS, html and javascript validator, CSS Resize etc. You can download it at Web Developer



If you are a web developer and looking for some great plugins to improve your performance and save time then you can afford to leave FireBug. It is an open source addon for firefox which let web developers and designers inspect and even debug a web design. One of the best feature of Firebug is its ability to allow you to check How CSS styles affect certain elements so that you can check styling of different elements individually. It also allows you to learn about the web page structure using DOM or document object model. Other features include determining of attributes such as Color, width, height of various HTML elements. You can download it at Firebug



Working with colors is one of the most common job or task performed by web designers. This plugin offers various features such as color picking, eye dropper which allows you to identify colors on various web pages. You can download it at ColorZilla


HTML Validator

This is quite useful when you need to validate your HTML structure. It is one of the most useful plugin for validating your HTML structure. Total Number of errors present on any html page is displayed in the icon which is present on the status bar. You can download it at HTML Validator



It is an amazing plugin which draws a ruler across any webpage to check the height, width and alignment of page elements. Measurements are made in pixels. You can download it at MeasureIt

These were the 5 addons which should be used by every web developer or web designer in order to improve their productivity and save their time. I am sure there will be another set of good addon for web developer, do share with us if you know about them.

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    They are some nice add-ons, I would like to try a few. Thanks!

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