Top 6 Best flexible reasons why computer not working properly

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American adult has more than 1,800 digital files. Instead of cleaning up of their computers, they go for a option of buying a new one rather than fixing up the own computer problem, so today here are we to solve people problem in fixing up their computer.

It been some of the serious issues while working out for the system and pretty well annoying too as always been likely to hear. Today we bring you some of the problems while my computer is not flexible with me as ofter.

Top 6 Best flexible reasons why computer not working properly



Registry Errors

It’s the most common thing happening to your system. Every time when you install or uninstall software or a reference key, the registry is been placed and added up to your system. Every error, invalid reference or unresolved key path involves more time needed by the PC, attempting to find that no-longer-existent program, slowing down the system.



Users who don’t regularly de-fragmentation their systems are likely to complain about a slower system. Like the issues with the registry, the constant installation and uninstallation of programs can cause a serious damage on the PC’s hard drive. In addition, if a hard drive is fragmented, larger files often have to be split in order to be stored on the drive, causing application performance to slow.


Internet Connection issues

Some systems and applications try to detect what your network connection speed is, and adjust the network traffic accordingly – for example, broadband connections tend to optimize traffic to carry larger packets over the network.


Malwares and Viruses

A system infected with malware not only puts the user in danger if the malware is looking for financial or other data, but malware can slow down performance if the system is being utilized as a spambot.


Startup Clutter

This is what I am not been made for windows. All the unwanted and un required applications are loaded in the main startup and makes me wait for another couple of minutes after starting up windows. Applications that get loaded during the start-up process for Windows tend to eat up memory and processing power. Many are updater applications that are not even needed and this is what I don’t like in windows platform.


System crashes

Its popularly know us the “The blue screen of death” It can corrupt the registry as well, slowing it down post-crash. And once the registry are corrupted, it may become impossible to get back the computer to your earlier specified date.

I am sure there can be more reasons too but i found these to be the most common one. If you any other reasons then do share with us. Do leave your comments and Subscribe To Newsletter for further reference.

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