Top 7 Best Essential Andriod Useful Mobile Phones Apps

Android has been top of the list when we usually talk about operating system for smartphone. Infact it is actually surpassing blackberry and iPhone. As the technologies is growing and emerging to be new one, so as the android apps which are continuously growing as per the market needs.

Today we are here with an awesome guide of essential android applications. As we have chosen the best of best application, since we know people like to choose the best among them, so without taking more time, we will head forward to our article on essential android applications.

Top 7 Best Essential Andriod Useful Mobile Phones Apps

Calorie Counter Apps

Calorie Counter Apps is a pretty cool application offered in Android that is most suitable for people who are on diet. One of the most simplest thing you have to do is that create an online profile and synchronize the app. One the account has been created by user with the current weight, target goal and the time set to achieve the goal, a perfect goal including your dietary by calorie counter and after then the user has just to enter the food items which had been eaten up everyday. After providing all information, the app will then let you know about the amount of calories earned. In this way, this application will surely help you in reducing your weight.



Handcent is an application which is best for SMS freaking people. It also enables you to add a special facility of setting up different alerts for text received from different friends. It also support the format of viewing text messages in bubble format providing more graphic user interface to user.



Audiobooks is one of the best application specially meant for people who loves reading books. You have to just create an account in amblingbooks website and synchronize the your android with the Audiobooks application. Once this is completed, you are ready to access your favorite books online. It simple using this application, for instance if you want to access any of your favorite books then you just have to download the application and enter the name of the book which you would like to read.



Soundhound is best application for music lovers. It is the most popular and best quality application for people who want to know more about the details of the song they are currently listening on radio FM or on music player. This application also allows user to save the song along with the details to check later on. To use this application, you just have to download the application and enter the name of the song for whose details you want to fetch.


Words with Friends

There might be some people who are interested in playing word games, for all these people Words with Friends is the best application to hang with. The best feature of this online game is that you can even challenge other friends to play online for this game with the help of this application. Additionally they have also introduced a feature of saving the on going games which can be played later on as well.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most popular application for android that include a bunch of free fun games that can be played by individual on their mobile phones. The players can go to the next stages after completing the first stage of shooting the ‘angry birds’ with a given structure.



Photofunia is a popular android application that is used to capture the images from different sources and with different effects. It also provides you the facility of uploading photos directly from PC to different sites with the help of this application.

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