Top 7 Best Popular All time Entertainment Mobile Phones

Well, well, what is happening to the mobile phones? Days don’t seemed to be far from when they were popularizing mobile phones as priced possessions for making calls on the move that the technological advancement has gone up a steep trend upward, that now we are discussing here of mobile phones being devices for entertainment, which will include all three kinds of technological entertainment, music, movies and games.

Mobile Phones is almost capturing the whole market with its beautiful features and specifications all around the world. People are now so much interested to have a mobile phone that give us so much live experience daily. So today we bring you some of the best entertainment mobile phones. Let us explore some of these entertainment mobile phones.

Top 7 Best Popular All time Entertainment Mobile Phones

Nokia N8

Being a Nokia fan, I would always keep Nokia on top of the other phones, and this time I need not do this for this particular phone as is one of the coolest and smartest entertainment phones that bring HD music and movies into the palm of your hands. Running on the latest Symbian 3 version, the phone besides carrying the latest technological features embedded for delivering you the best like Dolby Stereo, integrated social networking of Facebook and Twitter, access to Nokia’s own Ovi app store, voice guided GPS system, also comes in vibrant colors like silver white, dark gray, pink, blue and green.

The phone has onscreen alphanumeric and full keyboard accessibility, the choice is yours. The phone has everything to support full touchscreen input system, dedicated camera and volume keys with capacitive stylus available and the ability to recognize Chinese using hand writing recognition software.


Sony Ericcsson Xperia Play

If you could spare a minute to read why Sony Ericcsson Xperia Play has the name tag “play”, then you are sure to become a very good gamer on the roads too. What make this phone attractive are the gaming keys that you usually find on a gaming console, not even on your laptop or your personal computer. Some of the dedicated gaming keys will include the arrow and menu buttons, besides also hosts shoulder buttons and an analogue joystick.

The gaming power is being backed with superb stereo effects, and will let you enjoy every moment of your gaming, and for this purpose, you need to only count on my words for now, that they have the both the hardware and software requirements for better performance and extended battery life.


Motorola DROID X2

The phone has all the technology to label this phone as an entertainment phone, and some of the main features are 4.3” qHD PenTile RGBW LCD screen, a technology that is now crawling up into the tablet PCs. With this technology available DROID X could create HDMI mirroring, which permits to deliver HDMI output into a HD monitor, and is great for games and movies. Besides, one of the most powerful processors is backing the phone, 1 GHz dual core Tegra processor.


Samsung DROID Charge

If you are a warrior who would like to give a tough go, there is one phone in the market, the Samsung DROID Charge. The phone has the power of Super AMOLED+ Technology, optimized battery life and an incredible 34 GB storage capacity, which is much less if you are going to load your phone with movies and games, for music this is quite a lot.

They are also furnished with apps from Media Hub and Android market. The backing powers for enhanced performance of this phone are a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 512 MB of RAM. However, one can never forget to comment on the best screens that they have got themselves indulged.


Samsung Infuse 4G

This is another line up from Samsung but this time they have put their bet on with AT & T and this phone is known for bridging the gap between tablet PCs and smartphones. This phone is known for not only the superb 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus Display, but also  for other features like 18 GB internal memory, 8 MP camera, 1.2 GHz processor, exceptional battery life, and is the only thinnest phone that is available in this combination.



What is incredible about this phone is the ability to reproduce 3D functionality and the advantage of viewing the 3D effect without the need of 3D glasses. This technology is moreover being built on glasses for 3D viewing. This phone comes in handy for those who wants to play 3D movies and 3D games, and they use a gimmicking technology to attain this mirage being delivered to your eyes, as long as you enjoy this there is lots of fun to do.


HTC Sensation 4G

Well, if you want a phone to flaunt with, then this is the phone that you need to buy and they have thrown the cards so well, that this is one of the hottest selling T-mobile phones for this brand HTC. Exploring into what are the features and specs that make this phone outstanding tells me that the phone sports with a superb 4.3”qHD Super LCD screen, 9 GB external memory. Besides, they also sport with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and 768 MB of RAM that runs on the latest Android 3.0 OS with a rare combination of Android UI combination, and a combination that blends well.

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