Top 7 Best tips for becoming Successful Guest Blogger habits

Guest blogging has turn out to be a great profit for blogs as well as website in terms of valuable visitors and readers along with link building services. Guest blogging has been both good and evil for many of them, but this is purely one of the best way to promote a blog or website online. Guest Blogging has always been the best idea to promote your articles as well your writing skills

However, to be enable to make yourself as a good and excellent blogger, guest blogging is always required so that other people have a great chance to judge your style and creative writing. Discussed here are some of the best ways to explore opportunities of you as a guest blogger.

Top 7 Best tips for becoming Successful Guest Blogger habits

Publish the best of your best articles in the guest posts

You will find yourself writing the best posts to your guest blog website, so that they are published easily. Despite the fact that you will be tempted to keep your best posts for your blog, what you can do is to write two such similar posts and keep one for your blog and the better of the two for the guest blog.

This is very necessary to be a successful writer or a guest blogger, for the best ones is published easily. So when you are writing guest posts write to the best of your abilities, and always give the good shot at all your guest posts, as this will help yourself to be established as a good writer.


Work on SEO

Whether this is your own blog or a guest blog it is very important that your articles are SEO optimized, to get better search engine rankings, then this is going to fetch you revenue sharing for a longer period, and your articles will be well spoken off as a writer. Therefore, you are going to hit two mangoes at one stone and can establish yourself as a very good blog content writer, which will finally improve traffic to your blog.


Use and optimize images

The use of images to your web posts is a new trend, seemed to work well for boosting your SEO, and tells more about your article than what you have written. They are good supplements to your writing and speaking for yourself trying to grab attention of the reader, at least a second is more than enough. When you are using images, follow these simple guidelines so that you neither overuse nor underuse the images, like:

  • Use an optimal size of the image
  • You send the right size as required by the website or blog, so that you will not increase the workload of the blogger to resize the image.
  • Naming of the files using the keywords has seemed to optimize the image for SEO.


Correct Format of the article

Every website has its own format and requirements for submitting blogs, so what you need to do is to create a ledger and write down the requirements of all the bloggers to whom you are going to send guest blogs. Before sending the written blog post, check with the checklist that you have made and see that you send the blog post in the right format.


Link to other posts on the blog

When you give back links of the other related posts in the blog to which you are going to submit your guest blog post, you are going to make your blogger happy for you are going to help him build back links for SEO optimization.


Article Promotion

When your guest post is accepted and published, promote the post by using one or many of the social networking sites and back linking the posts to your website.


Comments Reply & Interaction

When you are submitting a guest blog and receiving comments, do not fail to reply to the comments and you will find yourself making your guest blog more interactive and this will improve the traffic to the website that you are submitting, which in turn will increase the chance of your guest blogs and posts being accepted with no hassles.

If you follow all these then definitely time can make you a good guest blogger!!


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