Top 7 Innovative Best Popular Facebook Social Network Apps

Facebook is the best even social networking platform ahead of all others like Google Plus and Twitter. There are lot of things in Google+ and Twitter as well but there is something which is not in those and is available in Facebook. Facebook  has the magic of all Social Networking, Funny Apps. This is one of the best way to get relax and again get back on to work with concentration.

Some of the most popular applications that will include the use of fun quizzes, games and utility applications. Let us research here seven of the popular applications in Facebook that I use the most:

Top 7 Innovative Best Popular Facebook Social Network Apps


As the name suggests, this is one of the enhancement to the traditional wall feature of Facebook. Using this feature, this is easy to share messages, pictures, videos and cards on each other’s walls while one can play their favorite media and draw graffiti for their friends.

Download: Superwall



Using this application the publication of videos and sending videos to your favorite friend has never been much easier. This application is accessible using both your mobile phone and web cam on the computer making sharing of videos much more easy.

Download: Video


Top Ten Friends

This will customize and will let you know who are on the top ten list of your 100s of friends in the friends list, and will list down on the basis of with whom you have been and who have been keeping in touch with you lately. This is possible to change the skin and the display of the top ten friends on your friend’s wall, and tag them to the top ten certificates, once in a while to make them feel special.

Download: Top ten friends



Well when you want to do more than writing on your friend’s wall, Superpoke is the thing to do. Using this application you can do many things like you can high five, chest bump, drunk dial, throw a sheep and do more such silly and funny activities. This is much more interesting than poking your friend.

Download: Superpoke


Are you interested?

If you are thinking of dating out with someone, and feeling shy to ask straight, then you have got a helping hand from Facebook to lend you an extra step asking her to date out with you! What this application does is very simple, ask a question and other have to revert with a yes or no! Try it, God will help you!

Download: Are you interested


iLike this artist

This application will allow adding music to your profile, besides which you can add, create and share playlists. You can go hunting for popular latest music or check out for the college day music that you enjoyed with your friend. This way you can also add details about recent concerts that you wish to go for.

Download: iLike this artist


Flixster Movies:

Many people resort to music and movies for entertainment, and this is why these applications are quite popular. This is one more application that is exclusive for rating movies and sharing your ideas and thought about the movies that you watched together, allowing you to relive those pleasurable moments once more.

Download: Flixster Movies

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